Free the Slaves by Caeris
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Added: 14/09/2017 - 08:35AM
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Free the Slaves!
*Only requires Vanilla Morrowind .esm.


Someone on the Morrowind Modding Community discord requested a mod that allows you to unlock slave's bracers with either a lockpick or an unlock spell. This doesn't do exactly that though, basically if you are level thirty five in either Alteration or Security then you can unlock their bracers with sounds and all! If you have an unlock scroll as well, then you can use that instead. To do this, talk with a slave without a key in your inventory and talk to them about setting them free. The idea is simple and it works quite well, if you don't mind another small (and clean) .esp in your load order that doesn't do a lot but adds to your immersion ever so slightly then this mod is for you.


Let's be honest, you probably all know how to install mods normally anyway, and this is no different.
Drag and drop the .esp into your Morrowind Data Files, enable it in the launcher or through an external
programme like Wyre Mash etc. and you're good to go.

Also I'm currently working on another mod which adds features like this to the game, so check that out when I release it.