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-=-=-=-=-=-=- Realistically Stacked Septims & Gold Bags -=-=-=-=-=-=-


Current Version - 1.2

Version Release Date - 12/02/2018

Creator - Zobator




The Morrowind Septim Gold Coin Replacer v3 is by far the best replacer for valuta in Morrowind available at the moment.

The meshes however were all very tightly stacked piles of coins, like everyone in Morrowind has a serious case of coin-OCD.

This mod aims to change that.

What it does:

- Coins are stacked in more natural piles, with a slight deviation of each coin.

- Variable top coins. The stacks of 10 don't always have heads on top, and stacks of 5 don't always have tails on top.

- A single coin is now of same thickness as the coins in stacks.



There are 2 optional extras included in this archive:

- An alternate mesh for the 25 coin stack, which is less neatly stacked

- An optional mod which places bags of gold around Morrowind. These bags give a various amount (15-75) of gold and restock after 30 days.

It doesn't make sense that after you've robbed some of the richest organisations/people of the entire province, they never seem to get additional income and stay poor for the rest of their days.

Most of these are placed either in areas which are already hard to get in and already loaded with "fat lute", hidden from sight for your filthy thieving hands, or in places you don't pass by early on in the game.



Morrowind Septims and Dumacs v3.7 (or higher) by StaticNation



Backup your original mesh file.

Copy the meshes folder in this archive to your morrowind data files folder and overwrite if asked.

Same proces for both extras included + check the SN_Gold_Bags_Zob.esp in the Morrowind launcher.



Delete the meshes files from your meshes folder.

[Save File]


Only meshes are affected. Your save files will be fine.



None. Except for mods that would overwrite these mesh files.

[Release History]


1.0 - 26/06/2017 - Initial release.

1.1 - 30/06/2017 - Updated meshes for a bit more variation with heads and tails showing. Added alternate version for 25 coin stack. Added gold bag mod.

1.2 - 12/02/2018 - Much needed optimization of the meshes. This gives a +10FPS boost easily in areas with lots of gold lying around. Thanks to Reizeron for reminding me. I completely forgot to do this.



StaticNation, Hendalf & InsanitySorrow for Septim Gold Coin Replacer

Unknown source for the original bag-mesh.

[Legal Use & Distribution]


This mod is exclusively for personal use with the game Morrowind. Do not redistribute without my permission.