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A House Mod by WulfShaman

A Telvanni Mushroom House grown on the back of a Silt Strider by a deceased powerful wizard.

(Telvanni Strider House is stationary and doesn't have any travel options as the silt Strider is
old, and no longer walks very fast, and Sadrith Mora is on an island so where would you go?)

Cleaned with TESAME.

--- INSTALLATION ----------

Manual Installation.
Unzip all files to your Morrowind\Data Files directory. Usually found on the C hard drive
under Program Files.

If you're using the Steam version of Morrowind, you'll find the Morrowind\Data Files directory
underneath Steam\Steam Apps\Common\...

If you're using the Bethesda Launcher version of Morrowind, you'll find the Morrowind/Data Files
Directory underneath Launcher\games\...

Wrye Mash.
Mod Manager friendly file structure for easy installation.
Information, instructions and download links for Wrye Mash can be founded here:

Wrye Mash can also be used to update your saves after changing to a new version.

Installed Resources.
This mod uses the Wooden Armor Mannequins Resource by ReflectioN for the armor mannequins,
and Dongle's Water Pack by Steve Deffeyes (aka Dongle) for the water meshes. The meshes and
textures for these can be found in their respective directories after you have unzipped the files:
-- Morrowind\Data Files\Meshes\WM\Man_Woodxxx.nif (12 flies in total)
-- Morrowind\Data Files\Textures\WM\ (14 files in total)
-- Morrowind\Data Files\Meshes\Ws\DG-WT_CircleStatic_0256.nif

Requires both expansions or the GOTY edition.

--- HOW TO GET STARTED ----------

Travel to Sadrith Mora and head south of the city. The house can be seen from Wolverine Hall.

--- CONFLICTS ----------

Any mod that changes the area south of the Sadrith Mora.
This version is not compatible with Morrowind Rebirth due to landscape changes by the mod,
- however a compatible version is available.

--- WHAT I'VE CHANGED ----------

- Two exterior cells Azura's Coast region (18,2 & 19,2)
- Two new interior cells.
- Modified versions of objects appear in the house (mainly chests & urns),
- but they all have their own IDs.
- Added Mannequins with their own meshes and textures.
- Added Static water mesh
- Written one new bath script and a secret door script, added one mannequin script,
a teleport ring script, an ingredients sorter script, a guard enabling script,
and a pier travel script (Exterior).
- Created one global variable called wsx2_guards, to control dialogue progression and enable guards.

--- VERSION HISTORY ----------
Version 1.4.1 - one day later! :-)
- Fixed a graphic bug introduced by changing the meshes subfolder.
- Altered Bug keeper's dialogue to make read better.
- Add disposition changes to dialogue choices
Version 1.4
- Added guards - both with unique background dialogue, hired by talking to the keeper.
- Expanded Bug Keeper's dialogue
- Removed potion which negates secret room puzzle - accidently left in after play testing - duh! :-)
- Optimized the ingredients sorter script
- Changed meshes subfolder to Ws for non-mannequin meshes to make uninstallation easier.
Version 1.3
- Added a secret room - opened by solving a riddle
- Added a teleport ring
- Added a broken alchemy set - the previous owner would have own a Master set
- but reduced it to Journeyman so mod isn't over balanced.
- Added an Ingredient sorter
- Added a travel script to pier
- Remodelled the downstairs room and pier.
- Adjusted lighting to have darker shadows
Version 1.2
- Added script to bath so it's water raises and falls then a lever is pulled
- Added a Mannequin
- Added Bug Keeper NPC offering repairs, barter and some training
- with his own cottage and background dialogue
- Added feeding and water troughs for the Silt Strider and additional environmental clutter
- Added Pier
- Changed the zipped file structure to make it compatible for installation with mod managers.
- Fixed 4 bugs
-- Reangled bowl
-- Turned missed urn into storage
-- Moved and altered exterior stairs to avoid clipping
-- Rearranged some protruding tileset parts to improve shape of interior map
Version 1.1: First release.
Version 1.0: Unpublished Version
- Clever lie to hide the fact that I uploaded it to the nexus with the wrong version number :-)

--- KNOWN BUGS ----------

If you find a bug please let me know.

--- HINTS ----------

Here are four hints to help solve the riddle and discover the secret room. Stop reading if you would
prefer to work it out on your own. If you're stumped on where to start the first hint might be enough
to point you in the right direction. 1: The riddle mentions ingredients. 2: These ingredients makes a
potion. 3. Drinking this potion makes a lever visible. 4. The lever is near the downstairs door.

--- CREDITS ----------

Morrowind Modding Showcases by DarkElfGuy
- For helping me discover new great mods.

Bethesda Softworks
- For Morrowind and especally the CS.

Wooden Armor Mannequins Resource V1.0 by ReflectioN
- For the wooden armor mannequins used here.

Dongle's Water Pack by Steve Deffeyes (aka Dongle)
- For the water meshes.

YAPHM (Yet Another Portable House Mod)
- For the ingredients sorter script - which I adapted.

--- OTHER MODS ----------

Suran Underwater Manor can be found here:

The Alchemist's House (A Non-Instanced Player Home) can be found here:


Post comments and suggestions in the comments section at Morrowind Nexus.

Please request permission before altering this mod,
- Or uploading it somewhere else (Except in the event of the original hosting website closure).

Copyright 2017 - 2019 WulfShaman.