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17 different racers for your hunting pleasure, until they died out or learn to behave.

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UPDATE 1.3 : 
Removed the older TR meat as well as MC meat
Created a separate TR version with the new TR meat

May Modathon Month 2017
... even though I've started this mod a while back :3

This mod adds new Cliff Racers to the game. NOT MORE. Just more variety

Here's the loadown:
- there are 3 species of cliff racers now, they look different and fight differently (some are fast, some are tough, some have an ability that they may use once only)
- they have loot: meat (NOM, MC and TR) and feathers (of various quality) of course, but also arrows and daggers that have an enchantment based on the racer you've just killed (it mimicks the racers ability).
- the new cliff racers go from level 3 to 50 but you still have a slight chance to meet a racer much weaker than you, or much stronger.

- killing enough racers of each type (typically 10-20) will either remove the racer from the leveled list or replace them with a cautious cliff racer that won't attack you. Alternatively, finishing the main quest will remove blighted and corprus cliff racers from the game.

NEW: You will find a document in your inventory that keeps track of how many cliff racers have been killed.
if you are updating wuth an exisiting save, open the console and type in the following:
Player->AddItem, aa_racer_counter 1

- you'll need to merge your levelled lists and objects.
- cleaned with MEE and tes3cmd
- unzip in your Data Files or use your prefered mod manager
- activate racers.esp

1. Textures for the new cliff racers:
- Expanded cliff racers by MP*Canus
- Zul's Classical Monsters Replacer by Zuldazug
2. For the basic script ideas:
- CliffRacersExtinction by Jaxalot
- The Counting Plume by TrainWiz
3. For the modified dagger model:
- Peridot Dagger by A.Zunder