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The Lamp
By MauiEyes

Version: 1.2

1. Requirements
2. Description
3. Permissions
4. Installation
5. Removal
6. Updating
7. Incompatibilities
8. Credits

Morrowind and Tribunal

In the South of Vvardenfell, a slave has escaped Dren plantation and infamous slavemaster Vorys Dren has vanished.
Believed to be kidnapped by Abolitionists, a slavehunt chases North to find the fugitive in this time of crisis.

Meanwhile, an all to ordinary object of unknown origin has found its way to the sleepy city of Gnisis. Unbeknownst to anyone, there in it lies a terrible dormant force waiting to be unlocked.

Just remember, that which lights the way to freedom†must reach deep into the darkness.

This is The Lamp.

Need permission to modify my mod

Copy the downloaded file, "The Lamp.esp", then go to the folder where Morrowind is installed, double click until you see the folder "Data Files." Paste "The Lamp.esp" into the Data Files folder. Launch Morrowind, in the Launch Menu select "Data Files" and you will see a list, find "The Lamp.esp" in that list and checkmark it if it isn't checked already. At that point the mod will be ready to play.

In the Morrowind Launch Menu, select "Data Files", and uncheck the files "The Lamp.esp" in the list. Then, go to the folder labeled "Data Files" and delete "The Lamp.esp" file from the folder. At that point it will be successfully uninstalled.

Updates in 1.2
Changed cell door for "Ursyla's Well" to the ex_nord_well.niff to solve issue preventing access for user's with mesh certain replacers.
Made Mask of The Unseen accessible to Beast races, fixing an issue where beast races would be prevented from completing the The Endless Library level
Fixed wrong journal check for Ursyla's dialogue in topic "escaped slave" which could prevent players with a FreedSlaveCounter of more than 20 to skip quest. Fixed so no skipping happens and the correct quest (ct_TheSlave) is checked for

Included some changes to various dialogue
Updating to 1.1
Now compatible with OpenMW! HUGE THANKS to Natalie N. for making this a possibility. Without Natalie's help, this mod would not have been OpenMW compatible as it needed nothing short of an overhaul.

Following are updates made from version 1.0:

Removed commas from GetPos/GetAngle conditions, causing an incompatability with OpenMW:
ct_PowerScript line 43, 46, 52, 55, 58, 61, 67, 89, 99, fixed
Extra endif fixes in Scripts:
ct_LampActivate line 113, 158, fixed
ct_lmp_CandleActivatorScript line 172, fixed
ct_lmp_DaedricTunnelScript line 12, fixed
ct_lmp_exitGuards_Script line 8, 9, fixed
ct_lmp_Gear_Puzzle_Script line 292, 303, 413, fixed
ct_lmp_MephalaPlatform_Script line 46, 70, fixed
ct_lmp_Throne_Script line 25, fixed

ct_LampActivate line 219, changed Playsound command to only include the file to be player, and removed Volume and Pitch values

Stopped the Dark Brotherhood from attacking within the wishes, added to Dialogue results, enabled in last Mephala encounter:
Added StartScript "dbattackscript" to Mephala's dialogue result for line "You have found the slave" where wishcounter must == 2 and journal ct_TheLamp >= 52
Added StopScript "dbattackscript" to Mephala's dialogue result for her first greeting, when Talked To PC == 0, " Do not fear child..."
Added "StopScript "dbattackscript" to Mephala's grant for power, choice 2 in topic "ask it"
Added "StopScript "dbattackscript" to Mephala's grant for knowledge, choice 1 in topic "ask it"
Added "StopScript "dbattackscript" to Weaver's greeting in library
Added "StopScript "dbattackscript" to Weaver's second greeting in library, "I'm a little busy, do you mind?

Changed dialogue for ct_Vendor in Gnisis to give you the topic "antique" anytime when the Journal ct_thelamp is < 1


Additional changes, made after the list of fixes above:

- "ct_lmp_DaedricTunnelScript" - Deleted erroneous "start" variable

- "ct_lmp_WeaverDescendLibraryScript" - Took the comma out of GetPos.†

Note: It's displayed as "ct_lmp_WeaverDescendLibraryScripu" in the editor but it is correctly spelled in the code - ending in 't' -†not sure why it displays incorrectly in editor.

- "ct_lmp_UnseenScript" - added,

if ( GetPCCell, "The Endless Library" == 0 )

- Made "ct_lmp_HintRed" and "ct_lmp_HintBlack" disable and enable when helm is on/off

- Fixed the end lines for scripts†"ct_lmp_blackoff" and "ct_lmp_purpleoff"

- Deleted empty dialogue topic "messenger arrived", attached to NPC†ct_Corda

- Made sleep "illegal" in the Cyrodiil cells and Gnisis, The†Locked Box


- Removed the one-way invisible walls featured in the Library's maze, with them present OpenMW won't let the player walk through them, object "ct_lmp_partition_unseen_3"
- Scripts "ct_Knowedge", "ct_lmp_Bed_LibraryScript": added new spell effect "ct_lmp_landing" and other fixes in order to solve the player dying from falling velocity problem in OpenMW.
- Changed positioncell function for where player appears in "Mephala's Nightlands" so the one-way wall doesn't prevent OpenMW players. Player now appears in the shack, not behind it.
- Removed duplicate "Weavers" and replaced with PositionCell commands that send Weaver to the appropriate locations, as he was before. Now there is just one "Weaver."
- Removed unbalanaced "ct_lmp_poisendagger" weapon from assassins and replaced with regular daggers, and created a fortify effect by adding a spell, "ct_lmp_FortifyAssassin", to their scripts
- "ct_lmp_Unseen_Script", added a short variable, "Equipped", in order to prevent major FPS hits especially to OpenMW players in The Endless Library due to the already expensive script calling every frame. Now it calls once per equip.
Reduced value of the Miscelanious Keys in the Locked Box
Fixed a topic for Jobasha, "lamp", which wasn't displaying due to checking ct_TheSlave and not ct_TheLamp as a condition. He now has the dialogue topic.

Also included but not listed in these updates are several corrections to dialogue and text typos.

"Faction Living Quarters" by Ortiee (thanks to user MacKom for pointing this mod conflict out)

"Necessities of Morrowind" by Taddeus.
Causes a harmless but aesthetic conflict where two vendors occupy the same stall and basic area in Gnisis.

Thank you to Natalie N. for facilitating the process of making this mod compatible with OpenMW, including identifying many scripting differences between the two engines and providing solutions with code to make The Lamp work correctly.
Thanks to Bethesda Softworks for developing Morrowind and the Construction Set.
Thanks to Brucoms for developing the TES3 Readme Generator this readme was made from.
Thank you to all the other users who've helped improve this mod by providing the bugs for me to fix