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A set of (almost) 80 new, lore-friendly loading screens in a completely new style reminiscent of Oblivion.

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So I know what you're thinking - "Oh god, not another loathsome loading screen mod! The agony!". Well quite frankly I have to agree with you, but I'll be damned if I don't upload my own mass of flat images here for other people who are bored of the default flat images. I figured that since most players spend about 75% of their time looking at load screens in Bethesda games, it would be a great place to put my meager GIMP skills to use.

Anyhow, there are just under (literally JUST under, by that I mean 79) 80 different loading backgrounds, all with lore-friendly and thoroughly researched - by that, I mean a quick look at UESP every now and then - subtitles to help you learn even more utterly useless information. Some even use spoiler-free quotes for a bit of divine inspiration (to me, that sounded a lot funnier because it's like Divine Intervention but not...nevermind.)!

Ah, something I forgot to mention when I uploaded this a year ago which now nobody will ever read, but this was meant to be used alongside the wunderbar Morrowind UI Revamped mod by jeclxohko, specifically the Morrowind-style version. It can be used with the Skyrim version, of course, but the lovely urine yellows and putrid shineless gold tints of these loading screens will contrast greatly with the 1000-year-old white marble shades of the Skyrim UI.

Download the above described product here.

NOW UPDATED TO 1.0.1! - Download the "Rat Description Typo Fix" and witness the glory of spelling correction at its finest!
June 1st, 2016: Hooray! This TGA-filled clusterfark made the front page. Thanks to everyone who downloaded and then swiftly thereafter deleted this mod!
July 31st, 2017: Came back to see how this mod was doing and saw that it was the 2nd "top mod" (whatever specific statistic that represents) under the UI section. I'd like to thank everyone who both downloaded AND endorsed this mod, and wish imminent destruction upon those who did not endorse.

Installation is simple, and if you somehow botch it, I think you might want to retire from this newfangled computer business. But just in case, I included a ReadMe, and if you SOMEHOW fail to ReadHim, then here's the proper instructions:

Step 1. Equip your Gloves of Arthritis Resistance
Step 2. Download the file
Step 3. Open the file using some ZIP program - if you don't know what a ZIP program is, give up now
Step 4. Extract the files somewhere, preferably not your Skyrim-porn folder since this mod is for Morrowind
Step 5. Copy the "Data Files" folder to your Morrowind directory, and override anything because it clearly isn't as amazing as what is contained in this mod
Step 6. Start Morrowind
Step 7. Go get a drink and watch the game while you wait for it to load
Step 8. Return to the game only to realize that you missed the loading screens present in this mod in performing step 7
Step 9. Prepare an angry comment on the forum that I won't ever check
Step 10. Read these steps and realize that your comment in Step 9 will not be read
Step 11. Pound your keyboard and throw your computer out the window, cursing the random guy on the internet that ignored you to all eternity
Step 12. Find a witch to carry out the curse
Step 13. I am cursed to death and you have succeeded!
Step 14. Realize you can't play Morrowind anymore due to throwing your computer out the window
Step 15. Go outside and be productive, finding love and living happily ever after

Did you get all that? Good. Note that inability to comply with the correct instructions could result in serious injury, so please follow all the steps to ensure maximum safety. Unless you're a man, because real men don't read instructions! (Uck, I can't believe I just said that...)

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this package. In fact, I'm obligated to inform you that enjoyment is likely mandatory, as you are the one who downloaded this and, of course, endorsed the file because you're a great person, did I tell you how good you look today? You look great! Unless of course you didn't endorse the file but still enjoyed it, in which case you are a filthy, smelly person. I still like you though, don't worry.