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  1. goblinmoshpit
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    Hello, and thank you for your amazing and thoughtful mods!
    I was introduced to your works through darkelfguy's channel and am currently enjoying you Sky Diversity mod. Beautiful to say the least! I am considering adding this mod paired with your Inventory Control mod to my game. I think it will add an angle of challenge by promoting a thoughtful attitude to situations in game. I think it compliments MCP's Hidden Locks/Traps well also.
    I wanted to get your own input on a quote from the readme rather move forward on my own uncertain interpretation.

    The first time this module is activated, it is necessary to save the
    native (un-buffed) state of the player >>>>>>>(including constant effect birth
    sign bonuses, etc).<<<<<<< A Messagebox will pop up asking the player to
    remove all enchanted item, spell and potion magic effects before proceeding.

    Your comment about "including constant effect birth sign bonuses" kind of has me wondering if I am supposed to enable this mod only during chargen before choosing a birth sign?? I'm not sure.
    My second question regarding clarification is addressing the statement

    Clipping Message=You feel an overflow of magic effect(s)

    To me this says if i "overdose" but not to the point of physical symptoms, any excess bonus is simply ignored?
    Thank you for these mods! I am excited to try them!
    1. svengineer99
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      Hi! And thanks for your interest in this mod. In answer to your questions:
      - It should be fine to enable the mod before character generation. The script only starts once character generation is finished. Any birth sign CE bonuses will be saved as inherent ones, so they won't count toward the buff clipping.
      - That's right, when slightly over-buffing the excess is ignored when you see that message; buffing too much beyond your maximum will eventually elicit a different message with various negative effects (fatigue, magic and health drain)
      Good luck!
  2. Krokantschmerz
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    This mod has a dependancy on bt_whitewolf_2_0.esm. Thats probably unintentional. Apart from that it works like a charm.
    1. svengineer99
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      Thanks for the positive feedback. I removed the bad dependency and refreshed the download v1.201. Don't hesitate to let me know any other feedback you may have with the game play-ability, balance, alternative clipping and kickback message boxes, etc. Cheers.
  3. hurrdurrmurrgurr
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    I'd need a book in game with the full table inside since there's no way I'm going to remember all the buff requirements. Alternatively a simplified version that only requires personality so I can easily say "personality boosts npc reactions and maximum buff limits", rather than, "personality boosts npc reactions and maximum buff limits except when intelligence does, or when willpower does. But only for these specific effects."
    1. svengineer99
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      Thanks for the feedback.

      There's immediate "Overbuff Clipping" messagebox popups during gameplay if you've exceeded the clipping limit and there's some margin between over-buff clipping and taking any negative effect from overages, so remembering the full table should not be necessary, even for powergaming.

      [Edit - additionally, pressing the "\" will report the native/current/max values for all attributes subject to buff clipping]

      Anyways, the formulas really aren't too complicated, and are actually much less so than the base game ones for success of various actions, as documented at http://wiki.openmw.org/index.php?title=Research.

      If you want to make attribute buff caps dependent on personality only it's a very easy global variable change in the console:
      set sve_base_att_buff_mod to 0

      Additionally, if you want to change the attribute buff cap / personality ratio from 25/100 to 50/100 you could additionally:
      set sve_base_per_att_buff_mod to 50

      However, setting the ratio any higher that 25/100 I think would give personality too much importance relative to other attributes, that's why I set it to 25 by default.