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The Elder Scrolls III
MORROWIND Mod: CDE Buff Clipping (A.K.A. Overbuff Kickback)



1. Description
2. Installation and Requirements
3. Playing the Plugin
4. Features
5. Version
6. Conflicts & Compatability
7. Thanks
8. Notes
9. Copyright




TITLE: CDE: Buff Clipping ( A.K.A. Overbuff Kickback )

BY: svengineer99
CONTACT: Bethesda Forums/sveng

This script enforces caps on the maximum attribute, chameleon, sanctuary and resistance
buffs the player can have. Exceeding the caps can result in attribute damage, knock-down,
endurance and health drains. The cap formulas are based on the underlying player attributes
and personality that can be customized through global variables defined in section 3. below.

` Base Intelligence<=25, Base Personality<=25 -> Maximum Intelligence Buff = +25
Base Intelligence=50, Base Personality=50 -> Maximum Intelligence Buff = +37
Base Intelligence=50, Base Personality=100 -> Maximum Intelligence Buff = +50
Base Intelligence=100, Base Personality=25 -> Maximum Intelligence Buff = +50
Base Intelligence=100, Base Personality=50 -> Maximum Intelligence Buff = +62
Base Intelligence=100, Base Personality=100 -> Maximum Intelligence Buff = +75
Base Intelligence=150, Base Personality=100 -> Maximum Intelligence Buff = +100

Base Personality<=50 -> Maximum Chameleon/Sanctury Buff = +25
Base Personality=75 -> Maximum Chameleon/Sanctury Buff = +37
Base Personality=100 -> Maximum Chameleon/Sanctury Buff = +50
Base Personality=125 -> Maximum Chameleon/Sanctury Buff = +62

Base Willpower<=50 -> Maximum Resist Fire/Frost/Poison/Shock/Magic Buff = +25
Base Willpower=75 -> Maximum Willpower Fire/Frost/Poison/Shock/Magic Buff = +37
Base Willpower=100 -> Maximum Willpower Fire/Frost/Poison/Shock/Magic Buff = +50
Base Willpower=125 -> Maximum Willpower Fire/Frost/Poison/Shock/Magic Buff = +62

So by default personality is no longer a dump stat. The inspiration for making attribute buff
maximum dependent on personality comes from the D&D v3.5 'use magic device' skill based on
charisma attribute; a strong personality (acting skill) enables the pc to harness greater buffs
than their base values. If not wanted, this personality contribution can be disabled in the
console with 'set sve_base_per_att_buff_mod to 0'




To install the plugin, unzip the files into the Morrowind/Data Files directory.

REQUIREMENTS: Morrowind, Bloodmoon, Tribunal,
MWSE v0.9.5-alpha.20150829 ( or later ) [ https://github.com/Merzasphor/MWSE ]
RECOMMENDED: MGE-XE v0.9.10 and MGE-XE beta v0.10.16 (or later)
[ http://www.nexusmods.com/morrowind/mods/41102/? ]
[ http://www.nexusmods.com/morrowind/mods/26348/? ]
With MGE-XE beta v0.10.16 or later MGE-XE will use the new MWSE.dll internally (no need to launch MWSE separately)




From the Morrowind Launcher, select Data Files and check the box next to the
CDE_BuffClipping.esp file

By default the script is inactive. To activate (or de-activate) the
module, hold down the SHIFT-B(uff)-C(ontrol) keys for >1second.

The first time this module is activated, it is necessary to save the
native (un-buffed) state of the player (including constant effect birth
sign bonuses, etc). A Messagebox will pop up asking the player to
remove all enchanted item, spell and potion magic effects before proceeding.

Holding down the "\" key for >0.5s will alternate between messageboxes displaying
the governed stat current and maximum values.




This mod scans the player's attribute, chameleon, sanctuary and resistance buffs
every few frames, clipping them if they exceed the defined limits with formulas
based on global variables customizable in the console:

Scan rate = once every [global long] sve_buff_clipping_frame_count (default=4) frames

Max Attribute Buff =
Max ( Inherent Buff + Base Attribute * /100 + Personality * /100, )
= [global long] sve_base_att_buff_mod ( default=50, min=0 )
= [global long] sve_base_per_att_buff_mod ( default=25, min=0 )
= [global long] sve_min_max ( default=25, min=0 )
So Base Attribute + Personality/2 <= 50 -> Max Buff = 25
Base Attribute + Personality/2 = 100 -> Max Buff = 50, etc

Max Chameleon/Sactuary/Resistance Buff =
Max ( Inherent Buff + Governing Attribute *
/100, )
= [global long] sve_base_eff_buff_mod (default 50)
= [global long] sve_min_max ( default=25 )
And Governing Attribute = Personality for Chameleon/Sactuary
= Willpower for Magic Resistance
= Endurance for all other Resistances
So Governing Attribute <= 100 -> Max Buff = 50
and Governing Attribute = 200 -> Max Buff = 100, etc

Over-buff Kick-backs (negative effects) kick in starting at:
buff > Max+*/100 -> attributes randomly^ become damaged
buff = /100*Max -> endurance hiccup (knocked down and get back up)
buff > /100*Max -> progressive endurance drain
buff > /100*Max+ -> progressive health drain
buff = /100*Max+ -> endurance exhaustion (knocked down and don't get back up)
buff = /100*Max+ -> health exhaustion (death)
Where: = Max enduracne based resistance buff, as defined above
= [global long] sve_kick_back_M ( default=100, min=0 )
= [global long] sve_kick_back_B1 ( default=40, min=0 )
= [global long] sve_kick_back_B2 ( default=80, min=0 )
= [global long] sve_kick_back_B3 ( default=120, min=B1 )
^this is a well known Morrowind engine bug, that attribute drains
sometimes get converted to damage; in my testing I noticed it seems
to occur in a repeatable way, but I did not do enough testing to
deduce the formula for it. I actually like this semi-random
kick-back; restore attribute can easily reverse it.

Inherent Buffs (racial constant effect resistances, etc) are saved
the first time the module is loaded; so when adding this mod to a saved game
it is necessary to remove all player spell/enchantment/potion buffs before saving
and loading this module for the first time (only).




v1.1 fixed Agility Clipping, Resist Magicka Reporting with "\" key




I don't know of any conflicts with other mods. Attribute caps are set
and removed using drain attribute ability type=ability spells. Chameleon,
Sanctuary and Resistance caps are set and removed using Set/ModChameleon/
DefendBonus/Resist commands.

Please reports any bugs or problems at http://forums.bethsoft.com/forum/12-morrowind-mods/




Merzasphor: For HUGELY expanding MWSE including xget/seteffect functionality which I requested and used in this mod
Aerelorn: For pre-curser MGE Spell functionality that inspired the development of xget/seteffect
CDC and the SF MWSE Dev Team: For MWSE development and release up to 0.9.4a
Dave Humphries: For MWEdit

Darkelfguy: for Morrowind Modding Showcases and Podcasts inspiration.

The Assimilation Lab: For continuously updated Morrowind Modding Wiki entries
GhanBuriGhan, Yacoby and melian: For Morrowind Scripting for Dummies
Abot: For Morrowind Scripting for Smarties and countless scripting posts on the forums

Bethsoft: Of course, for the game engine of and base construction set for Morrowind

Everyone who commented and contributes on the Bethesda/TES/Morrowind Forums
Everyone who has contributed and continues to contribute mods
Anyone who I may have missed, please let me know







This plugin is freely distributable and modifiable, as long as this readme
file accompanies it and credit is given to the original author. But please remember
that not everything here is my work. Refer to section 7.THANKS. By downloading
and running this plugin, you acknowledge the following :

- You have read and understood this readme file.
- You acknowledge that the author of this plugin accepts no responsibility for
damage to your game saves, operating system, computer, etc,
when using this plugin.

NOTE: Please do not upload this plugin for distribution without my permission.