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The mod replaces the old tree models in Tamriel Rebuilt with beautiful tall Mallorn trees by Melchior Dahrk.
This requires users to open the Tamriel Rebuilt BSA file and manually replace the textures and meshes folders.
Step by Step instructions are included. Easy Peasy <(O_~)>

Permissions and credits
UPDATE TO 3.5 A big thanks to reaps!

There is now no need to use any BSA programs. (WH-) Reaper re-dated the folders so they load after the BSAs. I know how to change the time stamps through Wrye Mash but not this way. THANKS REAPS!!!

For the past few years I have admired Melchior Dahrk's Mallorn Trees in Morrowinds ( and have wondered why no one has used them. Maybe it is because they are categorized in Models and Textures instead of Resource but nonetheless they tree are beautiful. Recently I returned to Morrowind and installed the latest Tamriel Rebuilt ( release. The mainland is fascinating but the further south I went the tree models just got uglier and uglier. They just don't look good at all and that is when it hit me...

Old instructions pre-reap. These are not necessary any more.

You now have Mallorn trees in the Mainland of Tamriel Rebuilt. I recommend going into your mgeXE.exe and open it, click the tab Distant Land and make the Draw Distance 28 or 30 so you will see the them across the Inner Sea.


  Sry i forgot to mention that you also should re-run your Distant Land Generator Wizard in mgeXE too so you can see them in the distance. I am assuming we all know how to do that but just in case...

Very Important--> If you use any GROUND COVER MODS like Vurts or even Vurts Corals you MUST open the Morrowind Launcher and click on DATA FILES and when you scroll down all the archives you must click the box next to any ground cover mod you are using. If you use MGSO 3.0 then you still need to do this step.

So foe me I use Vurts Ashland Groundcover, Vurts Reeds, Vurts BC, AI, WG, GL groundcovers too so I make sure that the box has an "X" in the box next to it. If you don't do this then the grass and other groundcover stuff will not be generated! So once this is done then CLOSE the launcher.

Go back to the MGE XE.exe and click the big button, "
Distant Land Generator Wizard"

On the right side click the button, "USE CURRENT LOAD ORDER" and then, "CONTINUE"

Let it do it's thing... and then clcik "CREATE LAND TEXTURES"
Let it do it's thing and then click "CREATE LAND MESHES" *You may want to change the World Mesh Detail First*
So let it do it's thing... and then click, "CREATE STATICS"
A warning pop-up will appear and just accept it and click, "OK" Let it run, This will take a while... go make a coffee, grab a beer, hug your significant other or walk your dog.

When it is finished you should see 14 warnings! Ignore them. If you have more than that or less than that then you are screwed. Otherwise 14 is the magic number. Close mgeXE.

Now the final step is the most important. Open the Morrowind Launcher again and click on, "DATA FILES"
Go to all the GROUNCOVER mods you checked before and UN_CHECK them now.
What you are doing is turning off the collision. If you skip this step then you won't be able to walk through the grass and plants and corals. Get it? So at first you checked them so that they would appear in game and now that mgeXE generated them in game we are un-checking them so we can walk through them. Make sense?

GET IT- GOT IT- GOOD! Close the launcher.


Please give Melchior Dahrk a KUDO.

Did I make a mistake? Is there an easier way? Please tell me and you will be credited. Thank you.

Always thank you: Nessa, Kate the Bionic Uterus, Ryan Geiss, TheAfterKing, WeyardReturns, Melchior Dahrk, WH-Reaper