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Moonmoth Legion Home
Version 1.4
By Crankgorilla (DAWW)

Requires Bloodmoon and Tribunal


A player home in Moonmoth Legion Fort. Features include an aquarium, lavish furnishings, a smith trader, assorted storage options, armour mannequins and a return home ring.

Travel to Moonmoth and purchase the home. Further directions are pinned to the front door.

- Cleaned with Enchanted Editor

- No landscape adjustments


This package would not have been possible without the fine works of these artists.

Blademaster - Fidel
Bone Shield - Daduke
Adele's Furniture Conversion - Adele
Animated Chests README - Phaedrus
Bathroom Resource - Spirited Treasure
Cait Sea - Cait
Containers - Danae
DGL Waterpack - Dongle
Don Salus Faces III - Don Salus
Dragon Statues Modders Pack - John Barbosa/Raven/Miltiades/Nigedo
Glass Wall - Redguard Slayer
Imp Meshes - Phaedrus
Imperial Castle Meshes - Ghostnull
Kagz Cauldron Resource - Kagz
KEY Furniture Resource - Clavis
KEY Rug Collection 01 - Clavis
Lore Friendly Libations - Rougetet
Limeware Mug Resource - Kiteflyer61
Midgetalien 3rd One - Midgetalien
Momo's Basket Resource - Momo
More Lights - Phaedrus
More Ring Variety - Alaisiagae
Morrowind Decorative Pack - No readme file
Newtscale Armour - Quorn
Oblivion Armour Resource - Midgetalien
Parsimonius Meshes - Parsimonius/Shannon
PS Furniture - Paschors
QF Furniture - bob196045 and Silgrad Tower
Wanderers Resource pack 02 - The Wanderer
20 Books - Original Authors/Zdim

Be sure to seek these packages out for more set pieces for your projects. All original readme files included in the Credits folder.

Installation - Drop all the files into your Morrowind\Data Files directory.

DAWW 2015