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A home in Moonmoth. Live in the luxury you deserve.

Permissions and credits
Moonmoth Legion Home
Version 1.4
By Crankgorilla (DAWW)

Requires Bloodmoon and Tribunal


A player home in Moonmoth Legion Fort. Features include an aquarium, lavish furnishings, a smith trader, assorted storage options, armour mannequins and a return home ring.

Inspect the images section above for captions to the pictures and finer details.

Travel to Moonmoth and purchase the home. Further directions are pinned to the front door.

- Cleaned with Enchanted Editor

- No landscape adjustments


This package would not have been possible without the fine works of these artists.

Blademaster                          - Fidel
Bone Shield                           - Daduke
Adele's Furniture Conversion  - Adele
Animated Chests                   - Phaedrus
Bathroom Resource                - Spirited Treasure
Cait Sea                                - Cait
Containers                             - Danae
DGL Waterpack                      - Dongle
Don Salus Faces III                 - Don Salus
Dragon Statues Modders Pack  - John Barbosa/Raven/Miltiades/Nigedo
Glass Wall                              - Redguard Slayer
Imp Meshes                           - Phaedrus
Imperial Castle Meshes           - Ghostnull
Kagz Cauldron Resource          - Kagz
KEY Furniture Resource          - Clavis
KEY Rug Collection 01            - Clavis
Lore Friendly Libations          - Rougetet
Limeware Mug Resource        - Kiteflyer61
Midgetalien 3rd One              - Midgetalien
Momo's Basket Resource        - Momo
More Lights                          - Phaedrus
More Ring Variety                  - Alaisiagae
Morrowind Decorative Pack    - No readme file
Newtscale Armour                 - Quorn
Oblivion Armour Resource      - Midgetalien
Parsimonius Meshes              - Parsimonius/Shannon
PS Furniture                         - Paschors
QF Furniture                         - bob196045 and Silgrad Tower
Wanderers Resource pack 02  - The Wanderer
20 Books                               - Original Authors/Zdim

Be sure to seek these packages out for more set pieces for your projects. All original readme files included in the Credits folder.

Installation - Drop all the files into your Morrowind\Data Files directory.

DAWW 2015