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Regulus "V's" Figurine Hunt version 1.0. Find and collect various monster figurines from all over Vvardenfell and Solstheim! Find them in random smuggler crates and sometimes in merchant's inventories. 100 in all!

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-=REGULUS V's (Regulus5's) Figurine Hunt Version 1.1=-


1.1 - Sotha Sil's UV Maps and Texture Map errors corrected.


Contents of File:

    -> 100 .nif files of the various creatures and a few iconic NPCs from TESIII:Morrowind   
    -> 100 .tga icons to go with them    
    -> The Regulus Figurine Hunt.esp file cleaned with TESAME and TesTool    
    -> This Readme.txt



Extract the contents of this file into your Morrowind Directory. Alternatively you can copy the contents of the "Data Files" folder included in this zip and paste them into the Morrowind/Date Files directory on your computer.



Adds 100 figurines of the various creatures and unique-modeled NPCs that are roughly to scale with one another but small enough to place on shelves, cabinets, and other decoratable areas. They are all posed with unique poses on wooden bases and all use in-game textures, so no additional files are needed other than the meshes. Creature texture replacement mods will affect the figurines but mesh replacements will not. They are distributed throughout the game world via leveled lists and can be found in the smuggler crates and sometimes in merchant shops.

As a side note, this also means that unless this is the only mod that you have installed that changes the leveled lists, you will most likely stumble upon some sort of conflict. Use what ever tool you deem necessary to create a merged leveled list. A simple google search for something like "Morrowind Mods Merge Leveled List Tool" or something should point you in the right direction.

Figurines prices and drop rates are scaled by increasing rarity of said creature, so common creatures are rated and valued at "common rarity" and drop often while extremely rare creatures are valued more but drop less frequently. Of course it really comes down to what the random item generator decides to hand you, but at least I tried.

As of version 1.1 they are no figurines hand placed in the game world. You will have to search every box and barrel to find them.  


Future Plans/Requests:

If there are any creature figurines that you wish me to make for your personal use or include them as a supplement to promote your mod, feel free to message me for assistance. I would love to do a similar mod for Tamriel Rebuilt, but I am unsure if I am even allowed to do so (I haven't looked into it too deeply.)

As this is version 1.1 this is technically the final release. However if people are interested I intend to make a similar supplemental mod to this that creates figurines of NPCs wearing various armors and even stand alone weapon figurines released with the vanilla game and its expansions. Please let me know in the comments if this is something you'd be interested in. As it stands creature mesh replacers are rare, weapon and armor mods are not. Hence why I have hesitated to make a figurine set of them. If enough people want the vanilla meshes as figurines I will be more than happy to make them.

I also intend to create some sort of randomized vending machine that "despenses" figurines that you can put anywhere you like in your trophy homes and estates. This way you don't have to keep running all over Oblivion's half-acre to find figurines in the later stages of the game.



Please report any bugs that you find during your usage of this mod and I will drop everything to fix them in a timely manner (I really promise this time.) However, scaling issues remain a lower priority but will be addressed.



You may use any of the contents included in this .zip archive in any way you see fit as long as you credit me and as long as you are not making a mod of similar scope and purpose, i.e not using these assets to make your own figurine mod. You are free to use the "base" that the creatures are affixed upon to create your own figurines from your collection or from other mods for personal use. Figurines created in this manner using creatures from other mods should be released at the original author's discretion/permission.



Thanks to Bethesda for making such an awesome game.

Thanks to all those modders who keep on keeping on with a 15 year old game.