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A reprised world that features a much more dense environment, unique landscapes, ground cover, variation in vegetation, unused/"forgotten" assets implemented, better cities, interior design overhaul.

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I don't believe in covering up the game in HD textures or adding new assets will make Morrowind a better game, but a different game, loosing its identity...
What this is exactly is not what you would call a remake but a project that takes what Morrowind has to offer and manipulates the composition of objects that already exist in game into something more.
Charitable Morrowind was originally a personal project for myself, as it is meant to be something special to me and my childhood in all my adventures in Morrowind.
Seeing how this developed into something that was wide scale and long term, I ended up considered releasing it.

Why the name "Charitable"?
I will let you interpret that in anyway you may please.
To me it has a lot of meanings, "Charitable" as in giving for free. Morrowind using what it has to give players. Or myself to Morrowind as a modder.

My goal on this mod was to show the best of what Morrowind has to offer, making the vanilla game view distance more tolerant for the player.
This features; dense environments, unique landscapes, variation in vegetation, ground cover, unused/"forgotten" assets, better cities, interior design overhaul including dungeons.

Morrowind, Tribunal, and Bloodmoon.

Drag ESP into Morrowind data folder and then activate CharitableM.esp in Morrowind's launcher.

This can have a high FPS hit to the game...
This will cover every aspect of Morrowind's land, use at your own risk, many mods won't be compatible.
This can be used with MGE/MGE XE but again, big FPS hit and Morrowind is not multi-threaded so this will eventually be brought over to OpenMW.

Q: How compatible is this mod and would you make it compatible?
A: This mod aims to be a standalone with every DLC published by Bethesda. This does work with Tamriel rebuilt for obvious reasons, however, this covers every aspect of Vvardenfells physical world, so mechanical mods that alter interface, leveling, NPCs and whatnot should work fine. Working my way around other mods gives this mod too many boundaries. You are welcome to develop compatibility patches yourself.

Q: I have a suggestion, how about...?
A: I do take suggestions within reason, and you might just see it within the next release! :)

Q: I think I've found a bug...
A: Most appreciated, I WILL correct any errors or odd visual clippings reported, just let me know where and what it is and I will fix it from there. =)

Q: Could you provide a list of every mod that this is incompatible with?
A: No.

Q: What does this mod change?
A: Look at the change log.

[Current version]: 0.1b
-Seyda Neen; Started doubling tree population and making more variation, import docks for fishers and cargo, more aquatic vegetation, adjusted mist, more floral lighting, more mushrooms, more bog trees submerged in water, hills and cliff vegetation.
-Ash region; Added a stalagmite tunnel between Caldera and the Ghost gate.
-Ghost Gate; Cliffs have been slightly raised.