Graphic Herbalism - Ownership MWSE Add-on by Skrawafunda
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Graphic Herbalism - Ownership MWSE Add-on


This add-on rectifies the long-standing flaw of Graphic Herbalism - you could freely pick owned flora.  Now this is no more and yet again it counts as a crime (with a base cost of 5 gold pieces).
What it means is that if you barge into someone's house or property and pick their plants while anyone can see you, you will get reported for crime. It doesn't affect picking any flora in the wilderness, which is unowned and may be picked freely without crime penalisation.

Notice that if you have a mod that modifies the value of a trespassing fine, the fine for picking owned flora will change to this other value as well. This can change, if in the future MWSE will be expanded (and at the moment of writing this description it is slowly improved by Merzasphor).
This add-on requires MWSE or MGE (which contains MWSE).

It also targets only the standard version of Graphic Herbalism; Versions targeting mineable ore from the Extra modules or plants from Tamriel Rebuilt will be covered later.

Should you find any bugs, please report them.