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Dramatic Vivec updates the largest city in Vvardenfell by completely overhauling the lighting system, and adding features like flowerbeds, signs, and monuments.

Permissions and credits
by LondonRook

Because Outlander includes all of Dramatic Vivec, YOU SHOULD NOT INSTALL THIS MOD IF YOU'RE RUNNING OUTLANDER.  Apart from bugfixing, there will be no further development on this mod.  Dramatic Vivec serves as a preview of the content which will be found within the much larger project, Outlander.  If you'd like to learn more, you can find us at, or watch its development at

Dramatic Vivec attempts to give the great city of Vvardenfell a little more life.  This is done with tweaking its light sources, and adding a plethora of new meshes, textures, and objects.  These changes include:

--Stairwell illumination has been added to every level of every canton.
--Guardrails have been placed at strategic locations throughout the city, though there are ample places to jump off if required.  Even so, they shouldn't be that difficult to hop over.
--Each canton now holds a slightly different architectural design, in regards to how it mounts its lights.  Providing a visual clue as to where you are within the city.
--Each bridge is now lighted.  The degree of illumination is determined by both presumed foot travel, and class of citizens who frequent it.
--Higher classes have a greater amount of street lamps throughout Vivec, whereas the lower denizens are forced to walk in relative darkness.

New in v2.0
--A new style of signposts have been developed.  Unique monuments have been placed throughout the city, allowing the player to find their way easier.  Options for both daedric and english are available!
--New flowerbeds have been added to every residental canton.  Each reflecting the native flora of their region.  Hundreds of new plants have been added and each style of flowerbed is unique to that canton.
--New sign meshes have been added and are dotted around the landscape.  These are made in a lore friendly style that shouldn't feel too out of place.
--Assorted clutter has been added, primarily around places of trade or egress.
--All pathing has been updated, and proper collision detection has been added to some legacy files to correct for bugs.

New in v2.1
--In celebration for hitting the front page, I've decided to release the set texture compatibility patches early.  These styles are currently Vanilla, Visual Pack, and AOF Retextures; and have options for both Daedric and English typefaces.

New in v3.0
--All new assets for the Great Seals have been created, and now can be found throughout the city in strategic locations.  These are named, and have lore appropriate inscriptions in daedric.
--All new Frescos have been added to the Temple Canton.  These are High Res reliefs taken from both concept art, and hand drawn redrawn using shrines references as source material.  12 in game, plus 2 additional.  Each is titled with their respective saints name.
--All new signs and now obelisks have been added to the Hlaalu, Redoran, and Foreign cantons.  
--The Temple Canton now has flowerbeds, whose flora has been inspired by the offerings on the vanilla statues.
--Changes also include various smaller architectural tweaks as well.
--UV Maps for some previously made meshes have been corrected and now displays properly.
--Seating and clutter has been increased throughout the city.
--Additionally, 3.0 has been designed to be backward compatible with all of the previously released texture compatibility patches.

New in v3.0.2
--Kanalhuhn's VBM Style retexture support has now been added under the optional downloads section.  These do not include bump maps (nor do any of the others), but have been created in a style which blends in with Kanalhuhns overhaul.

New in v3.0.3
--Mikeandike style retexture support has now been added under optional downloads.

New in v4.0
--Blessed Saints Market has been added to the Arena canton.  New meshes have been created for architecture and goods.  All NPCs are fully dialoged, act as merchants, and have backstories.
--Four new lorebooks have been added with unique textures; which can be unlocked.
--Two new shrines for the Temple canton have been added to the upper level.  These now act more like small outdoor parks rather than the singular stone pillar of the vanilla game.
--New fountains have been added to the temple district as well.
--Complete revamp of the post system has been placed throughout the city.  These will no longer look identical when placed adjacent to one another, and have been expanded to include the canton exterior walkways.
--New Hlaalu signs have replace the old style.
--New meshes for the Telvanni Bridge have been included.
--Full support with Open Air Cantons.
--More minor clutter and architecture.

New in v4.2
--Optimized textures for better performance.
--Renamed referenceIDs to the Outlander standard.
--Optimized flowerbeds so they update without the need of a texture replacer.
--Completely revamped the lighting in the city for better realism.
--Changed the default textures of monuments be reflective of the vanilla style.
--Optimized clutter for better performance.
--Added in vertex shading to the post system.

New in v4.2.2
--Arkitektora v2 support added, textures courtesy of Tyddy.  (Daedric Only)

--The Elder Scrolls III - Morrowind
--The Elder Scrolls III - Morrowind (Bloodmoon Expansion)
--The Elder Scrolls III - Morrowind (Tribunal Expansion)

For manual installation extract the contents of the zip file into your Data Folder.  Overwrite any conflicts, and activate "Dramatic Vivec.esp".
For installing with NMM, simply install through Nexus, and if prompted overwrite the conflicting files.  Make sure "Dramatic Vivec.esp" is checked in your load order.

Since I'm only one person running with a single build, the more information you tell me about potential conflicts and incompatibilities the greater the chance they will be fixed.  I really do read them, so thanks for all the help everyone!

Optional textures can now be found and downloaded separately on the nexus page.

While it is technically not required, since this mod greatly expands the number of assets of the previous versions, to avoid any potential conflicts here is the suggested method of upgrading.

1 - Uninstall the previous version.
2 - Load your game.  Go to any interior vanilla cell and save (like the Foreign Quarter Underworks).
3 - Install the current version and load your game.

This will create a clean save and essentially reset all values.
Note:  If you have any of the unique items Dramatic Vivec creates in your inventory please discard them before saving.  This will prevent an bug where the inventory weight is not removed.

Below is a list of known incompatibilities with other mods.  Unless one presents a danger to game stability, they generally will be addressed once all other development has ceased.

--Canton Bridge - Minor - Clipping of statics found where the new bridge meets the cantons.  (Safe) 
--Morrowind Expansion - Moderate - Clipping of wooden ramp statics.  (Safe)
Note:  Awaiting contact from the original author.  If anyone knows Hoghead The Horrible I'd be very interested in talking about compatibility issues.
--Morrowind Rebirth - Solved  - Clipping of  statics found in the temple canton.  (Safe)
Note:  The developer of Morrowind Reborn has added Dramatic Vivec support, all versions from Morrowind Rebirth 3.3 will work.

No use of any assets is allowed without first contact and consent.  Note: For compatibility pack assets all permissions from the original authors still apply.  See their respective documentation for details. 

2.0.2 fixes the Redoran floral issue some might have experienced.
2.1.1 fixes a small issue with the AoF Daedric style texture pack.  It now properly replaces the Hlaalu monument (facing forward).
3.0.1 fixes a NIF file, the crossbeams which hold the lanterns inside the cantons was missing.
4.0.1 fixes a small dialog incompatibility bug (House Indoril Topic) some users reported experiencing.
Please let me know if there's any other issues I've missed.

A special thanks goes out to the many mod authors who have given permission to modify their textures; without which the texture compatibility patches would not exist.

Morrowind Visual Pack
--Ayse, Lord Gabyrael, Qarl, Rapture, and Zuldazug.

Vivec-Velothi Retexture

Vivec Bump Map

Vivec and Velothi Retexture

Vivec and Velothi - Arkitektora Vol.2

Another great thanks to the artists who have offered public use of their assets.

Telvanni Vector
--Xardasmage of DeviantArt

Also, a thanks to the other modders who have included Dramatic Vivec support.

Morrowind Rebirth v3.3

And a special thanks to Greatness7, for his continued efforts in beta testing this and other projects.