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                                              Advanced Bartering v1.06


       If you have previous version of the mod installed, save your game without it before installing new version.
       When you start playing with the mod, immediately save your game and don't load savegames made without this mod.

      This mod started as bug fixing for Fliggerty's Improved Bartering but now, thanks to feature 
creep, it has little in common with IB. 
      This mod allows you to barter with any NPC, invest money in traders' businesses to increase 
their barter gold, order items from traders and randomizes traders' barter gold.
      To order an item from a trader or a smuggler use "I'm looking for an item" dialogue option.
To pick up your order use "I'm here to pick up my order" dialogue option. The price of ordered items
will always be higher than the default price no matter what player's or trader's mercantile skill is.
To be able to order items from other mods open AB in CS and add your custom items to chests which
names begin with AB in cell "Clutter Warehouse - Everything Must Go!".
      To invest money in a trader's business use "Invest in your business" dialogue option. The 
amount of gold that a trader will have after investing is determined by your mercantile 
skill but it will be at least 50% more. Investment cost is about 200% trader's barter gold the trader will
have after investing and it will increase 10% if you invest more than once. 
      To make trading with NPCs who are not traders more useful you have an option to add some money 
to their inventory. The amount of money they get depends on their inventory items' value.
      Skooma trade is different in AB. Merchants won't refuse to trade with you if you have skooma
 or moon sugar. But if you sell it to them, they will report you to guards and refuse to trade 
with you for the next few days. Khajiits, smugglers and NPCs with disposition 90 and higher will 
buy skooma without any questions, but there is still a 10% chance that they will report you to 
guards since risky business should be risky.
      This mod has a configuration menu. To bring it up use console command "startscript 
ab_config_script". The menu has following options:
      "Vanilla skooma trade". When it's on skooma trade is handled like in vanilla game.
      "Bartering with any NPC". When it's on you will be able to barter with NPCs using 
"Barter with me" dialogue option. 
      "Traders' attributes buff". When it's on traders' personality and mercantile skills will be 
increased and bribing an NPC will be more difficult. 
      "NPCs' money...". Select amount of money not trader NPCs get.
      "Investing in traders' businesses". When it's on you will be able to invest in a merchant's 
business to increase his/her barter gold. 
      "Traders' barter gold...". Select amount of barter gold available to traders.
      "Traders' barter gold resets...". How often traders' barter gold resets.

Recommended Morrowind Code Patch fixes
      Barter gold reset fix
      NPC minor behaviour fixes
      Better spell merchants
      Talked to PC extension

    v1.0             First release.
    v1.01           Added investing.
                       GMST tweaks to make persuasion harder.
                       Slaves don't get extra money.
                       Support for modded skooma and moon sugar price.
                       Fixed trader attributes buff.
    v1.02           Fixed NPCs carrying invisible torches at night.
    v1.03           Some fixes.
    v1.04           Tweaks and fixes.
                       Order items at shops.
                       New options for configuration menu.
    v1.05           Fixes.
    v1.06          Fixed disappearing services.

This mod relies on a certain MW engine quirk to work, so noone knows if it will work for everybody.
      Your HUD is invisible while you are talking to someone.
       Looks like this mod does not work with MW Rebirth mod.