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Name: Global Map Markers

Author: EnvyDeveloper (AKA Envy123 on the Bethsoft Forums)

What it does: Adds exterior map markers to all dungeons in the vanilla game, as well as Tamriel Rebuilt's latest Sacred East release. It is all in one .esp file so Tamriel Rebuilt is needed for this mod to work.

Requirements: Tamriel Rebuilt Sacred East V1.5.

To install: just unzip the file to the Data Files folder and check the mod in Data Files.

To uninstall: It's not as simple as just deleting the GlobalMapMarkers.esp. After disabling the mod, use the Update Map feature in Wrye Mash. Unfortunately, since Update Map does funny things to the world map, you would need to reset the world map. Download Morrowind Enchanted Editor and open up your save file (make sure to back up first!). Go to Player Map and delete the FMAP record. Save and play.

Contact: Feel free to contact me about my mods on the Nexus (EnvyDeveloper) or on the Bethsoft Forums (Envy123).