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Adds new features to the crosshair like third person view compatibility, ownership indication, and auto-hide.

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Smart Crosshair alters the behavior of the in-game crosshair by adding new features to it. The goal is to make the crosshair more useful and make it have less of an impact on immersion.

With this mod, the in-game crosshair gains the following new features:
- It can show in both first person and third person views
- It turns red when you're looking at an object that's owned to indicate stealing
- It appears when needed (by default it turns up when you look at an interactive object, have a ranged weapon drawn, or have a spell readied)
- When it's no longer needed it stays on screen for a short time and then disappears

Smart Crosshair has customization settings available via the in-game console to adjust the conditions for the crosshair's visibility in first and third person modes individually, and to adjust the duration it stays on screen when it's no longer needed. See the readme for more details.

Requires MGE 3.8.0+ or MGE XE 0.9+. After installing this mod, make sure you have the default in-game crosshair (as well as the "crosshair autohide" option in MGE XE) disabled, otherwise you'll get two crosshairs on top of each other.