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Graphic Herbalism


This is an upload of ManaUser's Graphic Herbalism and Spiffyman's Add-on of this mod functionality to Tamriel Rebuilt (for TR Sacred East v1.5. I am currently working on a new version for TR 14.08, together with some new features)
All the credit goes to those modders!

This is version 1.3a though, and contains various text and script fixes done by myself.


Graphic Herbalism

It changes the way you pick plants (and some other ingredients) in the game. Instead of treating them like containers, which you must "open" to take items from it, they are more like activators - you simply activate the plant you want to harvest.
The mod follows Vanilla Morrowind chance distribution, so you are not always successful in picking! A message as well as a sound effect will let you know whether you succeeded or not.

And as for the "Graphic" part of the mod - the harvested plant will change so that you see that it has been picked over (Stoneflower petals will disappear from the stalks, berries from the Comberry bush, etc.)

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Graphic Herbalism Extra

Minerals (such as glass, ebony and precious gems) follow the same method as plants in the core mod, however, minerals also require a pick to collect them. (You have to equip it to harvest the ingredients.) Only unenchanted Pick Axe and Ancient Nordic Pick Axe will do the job.

Certain other 'organic containers' will require a tool of some kind to harvest effectively too; You will need something sharp (short blade, long blade 1-handed and 2-handed, spear/halberd) to open collops now.
Be careful with Spiny Lloramor! Its spines can hurt...unless you have armour gloves of some sort (light, medium or heavy armor; anything BUT cloth gloves).
Gathering Muck may turn messy now. If you want to avoid getting it on your shiny armour or exquisite clothes, be sure to bring a muck shovel. And should you succumb to the mess the plant creates, be sure to wash it off in a river or standing water.

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Graphic Herbalism TR Add-on

Does the same for Tamriel Rebuilt, what the core Graphic Herbalism does for Vvardenfell; adds scripts to plants to make picking ingredients more convenient.

Note: Both TR Add-ons are for Tamriel Rebuilt Sacred East v1.5

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Graphic Herbalism TR Add-on Extra

Adds mineral ore and egg sack support for Tamriel Rebuilt.

Note: Both TR Add-ons are for Tamriel Rebuilt Sacred East v1.5

Further Information

Please refer to the original ReadMe file, present in the core files, or to the readme modified by me and available here.

MWSE Add-on:
Ownership Add-on (reinstates criminalisation of picking owned plants)

Compatibility Patches:
Correct UV Ore Veins and Graphic Herbalism Extra module Compatibility Patch
Expanded Sounds Compatibility Patch
Pearls Enhanced Compatibility Patch

On a side note, ManaUser distributed another mod of his, Bloated Caves, together with this one. It adds the originally unused Bloatspore to over 20 caves of Vvardenfell.