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Fix for Graphic Herbalism: The lights from glowing Mushrooms and Flora will now disappear as they should after being picked.

Permissions and credits
UPDATE     ---   M I N E S  A N D  C A V E R N S:

Thanks to jsp25 for letting me upload a compatibility version for this mod, of his fantastic Mines and Caverns.

You will need to download the assets from his page here: to play this version. Use only this esp.

At the time of writing the latest version of Mines and Caverns was 4.4

Because this is an edit of jsp25's mod, please do not alter or re-upload it without his permission, thanks.

Thanks to JViterbo for inspiring me to make this!

Load Order: Please load this BEFORE True Lights and Darkness, if you are using it.


I am uploading this for Dejunai, who made this much needed add on for Graphic Herbalism, that makes the glow from glowing flora disappear when picked. Dejunai mistakenly changed the color of the glows to white, rather than a mix of blue-greens as seen in the original game, but kindly fixed the issue when I brought it to his attention in a PM. Without time to upload, he gave me permission to host this.

I have also created some alternate versions for compatibility with True Lights & Darkness and Immersive Seyda Neen Lite. Enjoy!

Original Description

This is an ADD ON to the fantastic MOD "Graphic Herbalism" by ManaUser.

"Graphic Herbalism" by ManaUser is REQUIRED.

"Graphic Herbalism" removes or changes 3D art of Flora when Harvested.
This ADD ON removes the "glow" from glowing mushrooms and flora,
when the 3D art is removed.

"Graphic Herbalism" by ManaUser must be loaded before this ADD ON.
This ADD ON should load after any environmental sound or lighting mods;
This MOD makes changes to lights near glowing mushrooms and flora.

This is a simple MOD that allows the "glow" from Glowing Mushrooms and
Flora to be removed when the 3d model is removed by "Graphic Herbalism"

What's Changed?

With this version, instead of flora glowing pure white as in dejunai's original, they will more closely resemble their vanilla counterparts, glowing in various shades of blue-green.

Also included are alternate versions for True Lights & Darkness by Booze and a compatible version of Immersive Seyda Neen Lite, my stripped-down edit of DremoraLord98's Immersive Seyda Neen.

(CLEANED with the CS, Tes3cmd clean and Tes3cmd delete)

What Do the Different Versions Do??

Screenshots are included above of the same scene with different mods and versions.

Here is a guide on what to look for:

Graphic Herbalism - No Glow (Color Fix) TL&D HIGH  = This version is designed for people using 'True Lights & Darkness' who prefer a more fantastical look. It is more in-line with how glowing flora appears when running 'Graphic Herbalism - No Glow' without True Lights & Darkness.

Graphic Herbalism - No Glow (Color Fix) TL&D LOW  = This version is designed for people using 'True Lights & Darkness' who prefer a more realistic look. It is more in-line with how glowing flora appears when running 'True Lights & Darkness' without Graphic Herbalism - No Glow.

Immersive Seyda Neen Lite - GH - No Glow (Color Fix) = 

-Requires ONE of the 3 GH No Glow variants-  

This plugin should be placed BEFORE any version of 'Graphic Herbalism - No Glow'

and AFTER 'Graphic Herbalism' and 'True Lights & Darkness' (if you're using it)-

Use this version INSTEAD OF the original Immersive Seyda Neen or Immersive Seyda Neen Lite (ISNL) when using GH No Glow.

Other mods shown in the screenshots which I would HIGHLY Recommend to accompany this one :

- Glowing Bitter Coast (Pretty much a REQUIREMENT for this mod IMO!)

OpenMW (I designed the look of the alt versions with OpenMW in mind)
Scum Retexture (and my oh so scummy; Scummy Scum)

- The screenshots also feature changes to the openmw.cfg file that make nights darker, I have expanded on this further here: 

True NIGHTS and Darkness


- Morrowind, Tribunal and Bloodmoon
- Graphic Herbalism

Load Order Example:

- True Lights & Darkness
- Graphic Herbalism
- Immersive Seyda Neen Lite GH - No Glow (Color Fix)
- [[[ ONE of the 3 versions of Graphic Herbalism - No Glow (Color Fix) ]]]

Known Issues

I have experienced some strange behavior (barrels and crates spawning inside one another) when loading from a save that used a previous version of Immersive Seyda Neen or Immersive Seyda Neen Lite with the compatibility version checked instead.

This probably means that save cleaning is in order if you're not starting a new game but I am not entirely sure of the ins-and-outs of all that, answers and insights welcome in the comments or in a PM.

Permissions & Compatibility

Dejunai says: "Feel free to use it anywhere you like, with proper credit, which now includes [PoodleSandwich]".

If my understanding is correct, because of the way this mod works, any mod that adds growing glowing flora (Luminous Russula, Violet Coprinus, Draggle-Tails) will need a compatibility version making. Feel free to go ahead and do this, providing you have permission from the author of THAT mod of course.

Do not attempt to edit this mod in the CS without Graphic Herbalism also checked. You will end up waving mushrooms around like torches (not as cool as it sounds).

Feel free to get in touch with me for advice on compatibility edits as I may be able to offer some insight (thanks to abot for his help in the forums).

I attempted to create a compatibility patch for Morrowind Rebirth but it was a massive pain and halfway through the process I read something that said that Graphic Herbalism itself wasn't even compatible with Rebirth anyway so I gave up, sorry abelthorne.