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The Elder Scrolls III MORROWIND:

Dreamers Expansion
By Aoimevelho


1. Description
2. Requirements
3. Installing the plug-in
4. Playing the plug-in
5. Save games
6. Conflicts/Known Errors
7. Credits/Permissions received
8. Contact and Information
9. Legal Stuff/Disclaimer
10. Anything else

The goal of this mod is not only to make dreamers more diverse (and creepier), but also to make raiding 6th House bases more challenging: no more harmless naked level 1 NPCs armed only with sticks.

There are 3 types of dreamers now:

1) Type A: No corprus or initial stage of corprus. This disease neither increases their strength yet nor makes them incapable from casting spells. These are just simple, ordinary people, enslaved by Dagoth's dreams: commoners, noblemen, traders, priests, herders, etc., they don't have any advanced military or magical training so they can't pose a threat for a skilled adventurer.
They are low-leveled (1-5), clad in simple or torn clothes, with varied stats and abilities, armed with daggers and some occasional magical trinket or throwing weapon. You can't catch blight diseases from them.
They have coughing or - rarely - praying animations from Animated Morrowind by Arcimaestro Antares.

You won't find this kind of dreamers beyond the Ghostfence often - mostly they aren't tough enough yet to survive the journey to the Red Mountain or to endure its climate.

2) Type B: the next stage of corprus progress - visible signs of corprus, wounds, bandages (corprus has reached the stage when dreamers cut off pieces of flesh from themselves). Corprus has changed them so they aren't able to use magic and can't remember how to use enchanted objects anymore, but it is compensated by higher melee skills. Their level is 5-10.
They can give you a blight disease.
I used for them dreamers' faces by Soti (I intentionally didn't use Soti's 3-eyed faces: they are cool but I believe only Dagoth Ur and his brothers have the 3rd eye as it is the sign of their transcendent nature). They have long claws which they use to tear off pieces of corprus meat from themselves.

Corprus makes them tough and allows them to survive beyond the Ghostfence, so they can be met in all major 6th House Citadels.

Most of them have dreamers' A and B animations from Animated Morrowind by Arcimaestro Antares.
Workers in Akulakhan's Chamber have miner's animation from Animated Morrowind by Arcimaestro Antares.

3) Dreamers from the last group are sort of like mini-bosses - there are only few of them, in the major 6th House bases. Concerning their corprus stage, they are close to the 1st group, but the difference is that these are not some ordinary people enslaved by Sharmat, but skilled sorcerers who willingly searched and joined the 6th House. Thus they became favored by Dagoth Ur, and he gave them more power and more control over corprus.
You'll recognize them easily - they wear my new 6th House Armored Robe.
Their level is 10-15.

I've incorporated into this mod wonderful Dagoth Bonemold armor by Petiboy. You'll be able to find pieces of this armor in various 6th House bases - same as in the original mod, but now Dagoth Bonemold is also worn by the Dreamer guard in Mamaea. And if you use my Greater Dwemer Ruins patch, then Dreamer guards added by GDR will also wear this armor.

2. Requirements
Better Bodies
Morrowind Code Patch (with enabled bump mapping)

Copy all files into Morrowind/Data files folder.
From the Morrowind Launcher, select Data Files and check the box next to *.esp

There are three ESPs, use ONLY ONE of them:

Dreamers Expansion.ESP - basic version
DN-GDRv1+Dreamers.esp - Dreamers Expansion integrated into Greater Dwemer Ruins by Darknut. Use this esp instead of DN-GDRv1.esp
DN-GDR BTB MRM+Dreamers.esp - if you use both GDR and Mountainous Red Mountain. Use this esp instead of DN-GDR BTB MRM.esp

(I had to merge my mod with Darknut's in order to avoid NPCs doubling issue. I'd prefer to release my GDR addon as a separate plugin, but unfortunately this was the only way.)


This mod will obviously conflict with any other mod that changes dreamers. Conflicts with mods that change Akulakhan's Chamber are also possible (There is a patch for Darknut's Greater Dwemer Ruins.)

Dreamers are added into some of 6th House leveled lists so if you have other mods that modify these lists, don't forget to use any leveled list merging utility.

PB_Dagoth_Bonemold by Petiboy, Dreamer's Faces by SoTi are incorporated into this mod. Using them together may cause conflicts.

Dreamers have animations and sounds from Animated Morrowind by Arcimaestro Antares
Robe model - by Moranar, modified by me
Tops and loinclothes - by Dereco
Torn shirts and pants - from Korana's Pirate Resourse
Clothing meshes - by NioLiv
Claws - by Harborgolfer, Gagatek and Fenrya13
Scarf mesh - by Niero (I think)
Dagoth Bonemold armor - by Petiboy
Dreamers' faces - by SoTi
Bryss Phoenix - readme template

You may find me as Aoimevelho on or as ivolga on nexus.

You can do with this mod whatever you want, just don't make money out of it and don't forget about credits. No need to ask additional permission.

:) Have fun!