Face of the Hortator by Infragris
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"The Indoril masks were official, and they each depicted his true visage. There was also a special Daedric helmet version in the Morrowind Art Book, but its look depicted his more terrible aspect as Hortator and Padomaic champion."
- Dev commentary on Nerevar's face being the Indoril helm.

Adds the Face of the Hortator, a unique Daedric helmet originally meant to be included in the game. The helmet is hidden in an underground temple in Molag Amur, look for a mine entrance with a red lamp on the north shore of lake Nabia (follow the river north from Suran, or go east from Balmora. Or take the propylon to Marandus).

The helmet has a unique mesh, somewhat higher stats than the other Daedric helmets, and a large enchantment capacity. The dungeon is intended for higher-level characters.