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Collection of 5 modular alchemy mods - smooth meshed alchemy apparatus, retextured ingredients, brew-your-own standard potions, an ingredient trader, and Tamriel Rebuilt potions.

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Alchemy Essentials contains five modular alchemy mods:
-Apparatus Retexture (smooth meshes)
-Essence Potions
-Ingredient Trader
-Ingredient Retexture (in an optional folder)
-Tamriel Rebuilt essences and effects.

There's also a merged esp for those who don't care about modularity. *Does not require any expansions or Tamriel Rebuilt* These are built to be independent of each other, so if you only want one of them, it's no problem.

Apparatus Retexture: retextures all of the alchemy equipment - Apprentice, Journeyman, Master, Grandmaster, and Secret Master. Has smooth meshes and icons that match.

Essence Potions: adds the ability to brew your own standard potions as well as "essence potions", multiple-effect potions that are based around a particular ingredient. The potion brewers are portable. There are also shortcuts built into Wolverine Hall - no need to take the spiral staircase!

Ingredient Trader: Includes a copy of Tribunal, Bloodmoon, and Tamriel Rebuilt ingredients with weight adjustments only. Adds a trader in Ebonheart, Six Fishes that may have any non-unique ingredient for sale.

TR Essences and Effects: Includes a copy of Tribunal, Bloodmoon, and Tamriel Rebuilt ingredients. Adds new effects to several Tamriel Rebuilt ingredients. Adjusts weights on mostly untouched ingredients. Also adds the ability to make Essence Potions from Tamriel Rebuilt ingredients. Must load after Ingredient Trader to be effective.

Optional - Ingredient Retexture: Retextures several of the ingredients from the expansions. No esp file required. Uses some of the gorgeous meshes/textures from Gawain's More Gems and Jericho's Better Soul Gems.

Note: none of these are dependent on Tribunal, Bloodmoon, or Tamriel Rebuilt. HOWEVER, if you don't have those installed, you'll need to use the "Optional - Ingredient Retexture" folder so that you'll have game art for the expansion ingredients. Don't tell me you have yellow exclamation points all over if you haven't done this step.

There's a separate folder with the smoother mortar & pestle meshes Ashiraniir made, set up as an esp-less replacer. These are the only new mortar&pestle meshes I've seen anywhere. You can download this and just install that part if you'd like :)