TESCS fixed for Morrowind Steam GOTY edition v161820 - VO and VF by papill6n
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Added: 29/07/2012 - 09:52PM
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| TES:CS fixed for Morrowind Steam GOTY edition v1.6.1820 |

This version is a fixed one of the version available here:
my version/mod doesn't require the original mod.

My mod, will now works with the official Bloodmoon extension too. And the Tribunal one too.
It contains the latest updated TES:CS version from the english GOTY.

A hint for beginners like me. Don't use the Nexus Mod Manager to install this "TES Construction Set".
The files will be placed into the wrong directory (Data Files). Must be in the main Morrowind directory as stated in the .txt file of the archive.

Also, when you select the data files within the "TES Construction Set" then double click on them.
Only when they are marked with a "X" you can go on by clicking "OK".  (thanks 8leshij)


Un package est également inclus pour la VERSION FRANÇAISE du jeu Morrowind GOTY (celle disponible sur Steam).

Cette version du mod est la version corrigée de celui-ci :
et ne requiert donc pas le mod original.

Ma version fonctionnera désormais avec l'extension officielle Bloodmoon :). Et celle de TRibunal aussi.
Elle contient donc la dernière version mise à jour du TES:CS, de la version "Jeu de l'année (GOTY)" française (1.6.1820).

F.A.Q :

1) "Whenever I open it, it doesn't matter which data files I ask it to load, but it starts giving me a sea of errors such as "cannot find sound file..." "unable to find Region..." "following string is differentfor topic...", etc. Any idea what's causing this and how I can fix it?

SOLUTION: "This is because tribunal and bloodmoon added dilogues over dialogue of morrowind. This is a common harmless error reporting.

Add the line without quotes "Allowyestoall=1" on [General] section in the Morrowind.ini file.
This allow you to skip all those 'harmless' errors by clicking cancel" by hollaajith

2) "When i extracted the files to the morrowind ones on Steam Apps, nothing happened. except for the fact that when i tried to install it, it asks
me to insert a disc of the game
but i bought it on steam."

SOLUTION: "I was able to fix it by launching the game in the future by using the game's shortcut in it's folder, not opening it from Steam." by Phoenix Risen

3) "I'm getting a warning. Texture "textures\_default. tga" count 2"

SOLUTION: Just ignore it, it's nothing to worry about.

From the fixed mod:

Unfortunately the GOTY Edition from Steam does not have files for the TES:CS as a
part of the download package. This is assumed to be an oversight on
Valve's part and one that has yet to be addressed.

This package should replace the missing files and allow the use of the TES:CS with
the Steam version of Morrowind Game of the Year Edition.
Warning: You must have the Steam version of the GOTY Edition installed for these files to work correctly.

To install, simply extract the files into:


Usually in the C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\Steamapps\Common\Morrowind\ folder.