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This is an updated version of the teleportation ring originally by Eidolon and fixed by Dubious. It's rearranged for better usability. The ring has a shiny new icon, which makes it easier to tell apart from the rest of your inventory.

Most of the places the ring can take you have various fast travel options, so really, this ring is just a faster way to get there than walking over to a guild mage, silt strider, or boat. A few options are blocked until you complete a certain requirement, such as the first set of pilgrimages for the Tribunal Temple.

The ring equips like a book after the initial use so you don't have to re-equip your favorite ring combination.

There is a second .esp that you can choose to use instead that will cost you 15 magicka per use of the ring. It's less of a "cheat" this way. Choose which one you want to use.

Places the ring will take you:
- A vendor (usually) in every major town.
- Several locations in Tamriel Rebuilt (currently 28 places).
- Your great house stronghold after you have joined a house or near the various great house strongholds anytime (compatible with Join All Houses).
- All four Ashlander camps and to three of the Mage Guild houses.
- Various useful locations such as the Ebonheart Chapel for the Imperial Cult quests and of course Caius in Balmora.
- 19 places in Vivec city and 7 in Mournhold.
- For cheaters (that's why it's listed under cheat) – all the Secret Masters, Fields of Kummu, Shrine to Stop the Moon, Creeper, and the Mudcrab Merchant.
- This also functions as a propylon index for each propylon individually (unlike the Master Index which always sends you back to Caldera). It is compatible with Master Index.