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All my Morrowind mods in one place.

Permissions and credits
Ever since I left the Morrowind modding community several years ago, the community has been amazing about collecting and re-uploading my mods after a site issue. However, the current place of upload seems to confuse some and also does not offer screenshots. This is the official compendium of my mods. All files are listed on the download page in seperate mods. Please pay attention to what you download.

I've been done with MW for a long time. No support is offered, since I can't really remember much about them. If you need help, please seek the guidance at the official forums. I won't be of any help, I despise all my old work..with a few exceptions that rank high up on the loath meter.

You'll need to refer to the readme for more info, as I obviously need to keep descriptions to a reasonable level.

I don't have decent screenshots, due to the game no longer being installed (plus, I think my ex roomie ran off with my disks) so uploading screenshots is encouraged. Some of these mods are really old, I spent years modding for Morrowind. I warned you...

Category list in order:

Better Bodies Clothing
Enhancements & Replacers
Modders Resources


***********ASCADIAN ROSE COTTAGE*****************
Ascadian Rose Cottage is your home, away from home. I created this home because I knew I could have in Morrowind what I dream for in real life: A rich and cozy rose cottage. This home was inspired by a few images I found of old English cottages. The cottage is decorated with lots of flowers, handpainted dishes in a rose theme, cozy sofas, and lots of detail. The cottage can be purchased from the female caretaker for 3000 gold. The cottage is found North of Pelagiad.

Requires both Tribunal and Bloodmoon Expansions

Necessities Of Morrowind patch available.

***********Magus Realm Tower Version 2 *****************
At the beginning of time, a powerful Mage named Magus split time into fragments. Within one fragment is a world, we call it the Magus Realm. Journey to the Mournhold Magic Shop to find out more about the Magus Realm, and to obtain the portal gem which will take you there. Please note this is currently not a quest. Perhaps in time... Features/Points of Interest:
-Inside the realm, trapped in a bubble of time and space is a small tower for you to live in. The tower is on a small island, literally floating in a bubble of space. On this island a few kind fairies, giant trees, strange fungi, and a unicorn await you!
-The entire tower interior is one cell. Only one room is separated by a door...of course, that's the bedroom. The tower features: a small study, kitchen, dining room, bedroom, mannequin room, and two laboratories.
-A trap door will lead you to the top of the tower, where you can look down into the tree canopy, or out at the stars.
-You may drift off to sleep with a strange rotating Dwemer machine over your bed. ~The animated, boiling cauldrons are containers.
-There is alchemy sorting service available for the Morrowind and Tribunal ingredients. The jars are skulls, and the sorter is a tiny green dragon wandering around the laboratory.
-Do not let appearances deceive you; there is plenty of storage in the tower. Each bookcase (with faux books) is a container, which can hold up to 2000 storage lbs. I think you will find more than enough storage room.
-There are 4 Male and 5 Female Breton mannequins. These mannequins use an original Bethesda race, and will therefore change body style depending on what body mod is used. In other words, any of your better bodies clothing will fit your mannequins too! '
-Located in the study are a set of soul gems. These soul gems will allow you to travel to all the Mage's Guilds, and also the Mournhold Magic Shop.
-The Summoning Gem for the Magus Realm will allow you travel to the realm whenever you like. The gem will summon a unicorn who will offer you and your companions travel to the Realm...for a small price.
-There are quite a few equip able wizard hats in the house. These may be equipped as helms, or left where they are as part of the decor. There is only one short hairstyle attached to the hats for both male and female characters.

Requires both Morrowind and Tribunal.

***********Pearl Palace*****************
While walking in Hla Oad, you meet a strange being, who seems to be covered in scales with a fin down her back. A wave of compassion and curiosity crash over you...compelling you to speak to this strange creature. The creature is startled that you have chosen to speak with her, and is warmed by your compassion. She invites you to live in the grand Pearl Palace...and tells you its dark story.
A completely undersea experience, all the windows are sea through, with views of undersea creatures outside of them. A unique quest to help a heartbroken widow, and to finish what a dead man started. Do you choose to take it? Or will you keep the secrets for yourself? The Quest will take you to a new undersea cavern. The quest is not required for ownership, nor is it required at all. If you choose, you can ignore it.

View Readme online for complete list of features:

***********Seaside Cottage*****************
This mod adds a breezy little cottage, decorated in the shabby chic style, o­n a small private island in Azura's Coast region. Enjoy views of the ocean from bath or bed! The cottage cell behaves like an exterior cell, allowing the light in the cottage to change throughout the day (fitting for it's large windows). You can also enjoy wonderful views of the moon sparkling off the water or the stars twinkling in the sky. There are no quests, long journeys, or money to pay to obtain this charming vacation retreat. Simply speak to Him-Who-Sails-The-Seas, an argonian located at the docks of Tel Branora. For a small fee, he will take you to the cottage's island. He will also offer you travel back to Tel Branora from the cottage.

Requires either Tribunal or Bloodmoon

***********Xenterra Keep*****************
This house was made by request for a member of the Official Elder Scrolls Forums. I tried to incorporate as many of this member's ideas as possible. If you've ever traveled North West of Seyda Neen you may have ran into a strange wood elf who died in a very unexpected way. His name is Tarhiel. Have you ever wondered: Where did Tarhiel live? While having this house be Tarhiel's last dwelling was a last minute decision, it adds a bit to the mystery of Tarhiel. The house is located a bit North of where Tarhiel falls from the sky. If you look to the east just before the mountain pass, you will see the entrance to Xenterra Cavern. Within this cavern is a medium sized castle. Within this castle you will find:
- Main Hall
- Kitchen (with slave quarters and pantry)
- Weapons Display Room
- 3 Mannequin Rooms with 20 mannequins each
- Vault
- Upper Hall
- Lord's Chambers
- Ladies' Chambers
- Nursery (with Playhouse)
- Baths
- Study
- Forbidden Garden
- Forbidden Laboratory

Requires both Tribunal and Bloodmoon Expansions

***********Steinthor Hall*****************
Located on beautiful river front property, Steinthor Hall is a warm and masculine hunting lodge. This home was designed for players who prefer less 'frilly' details in the homes they choose. I also tried to stay extremely Nordic with the decor of the lodge. I intended this to be a nice place to stay for hunter/ranger/warrior type characters. Features:
-3 Male stone Better Bodies Mannequins and 2 Female Stone Better Bodies Mannequins.
-A Neccesities of Morrowind compatible kitchen area: Beer and Wine Barrels, water barrels, and and oven. No NOM food or items have been included.
-Lots of shelving for storage. Also, cabinets used in the colony tile set that were not containers have been made into closets, bookcases, etc. All with high storage capacities.
-3 animated, levelled, respawning practise dummies. They will level with your character, and if the corpses are disposed they will respawn in 3 days.
-A sauna room. Currently "un-working", but it was a neat feature that I thought I might mention.

This is a Bloodmoon home.

***********Solstheim Castle*****************
The noble night Aegir Brondolf had fallen. For many years his grand castle has remained un-claimed. Are you ready to claim it for your own? This spacious castle is located off the north-east coast of Solstheim. The castle itself offers many living and exploratory areas, including:
-A great hall -Kitchen
-Servants’ quarters
-Study -Dance Hall
-Amory and Training Rooms
-Weapons Display Room
-Imperial Shrine
-The Lady’s Chambers (complete with room sized closet)
-The Master’s Chambers
-Private Study
-Wine Cellar
-Guest Chambers
-Summoning Room
-Captain’s Quarters
-Indoor Pool Room
-Trophy Room and Menagerie

There are also other services and excitement to be found within the castle’s grounds or in the neighboring village. One can find such things as:
-A general goods store (Which sells most of the new miscellaneous and food items I have added.)
-A tavern
-A merchant hall
-Guard Quarters
-Fully explore-able castle walls and gate houses.
-There is even a surprise for those characters with an evil side.

So how do you find Solstheim Castle? Travel arrangements can be made from Dagon Fell or Fort Frostmoth. Suran Underworld users will need to download the SU dock fix for both mods to use the Fort Frostmoth dock. Such expensive living does not come free however! You must complete a short quest in order to obtain the key to entering the castle. If running a castle or spending time at the local tavern become too much for you, there is also a small forested island and barrow to explore. There are also two small side quests available for those that choose to take them.

View Readme Online:

***********Wolverine Hall Well House*****************
This mod adds a small cavern house underneath the well located o­n the grounds of Wolverine Hall in Sadrith Mora. Nothing special here, except for the decor. This is the second house I ever made, over 2 years ago. I have not modified it since it's original creation, except to clean it with TESTOOL when someone asked if they could see it. There's nothing special- no fancy scripting/NPCs/NOM compatibility. It's just a cool cavern to stay in when you need someplace to sleep. It might work rather nice for a roleplaying Argonian as well.


***********Clothiers Of Vvardenfell*****************
This mod features a very large and eclectic clothing and armor collection by Korana, BadKarma, and Lady Rae. Perhaps the largest Better Bodies clothing collection, it features:
-30+ items by Lady Rae
-80+ items by Bad Karma
-380+ items by Korana

This mod also features a wild and crazy tavern, 7 stores, new NPCs,a mini quests for some frisky fairies, and 4 new books with a mini quest.

Requires both Tribunal and Bloodmoon Expansions

***********Pirate Resource*****************
Enclosed is a small treasure trove of random things I had made many years ago for a pirate mod. While working on it, I quit

There are various clothes, weapons, and items. Feel free to use them at your own descretion. Many are in an unfinished state.
There are no icons, GNDS, etc. I have not had the game in years and will not be providing these things or offering any assistance.

There is an esp enclosed. I'm not sure what is in it, as I said it's been years. DO NOT use it to add things to your game, merely
as an example of how the various body slots are set up.

Once again I cannot offer any tutorials, work, or assistance. You will need to finish/figure these things out for yourself.

***********Better Bodies Falconer Leather*****************
his plug in adds several "Falconer Leather" items, for both male and female characters. The articles of clothing and armor are designed for use with Better Bodies 2.0. The items are named Falconer because of the symbol on the female bodice bracers, and on the belt buckles. I have also included a quiver and a shield by Dongle. The armor and clothing pieces are interchangeable to make different outfits. The clothing, armor, and equipment can be bought from a female High Elf in the lower section of the Balmora Fighter's Guild.

***********Better Bodies Gypsy Outfit*****************
This Mod Adds:
-A long beaded skirt
-A beaded top
-A wig with head scarf
-A pair of red sandals to match

***********Better Bodies Long Dresses*****************
This mod adds 5 dresses based off of Semtex and Actarus's mesh. There are two common dresses for sale, and 3 fancy dresses.

***********Better Bodies Peasant Gowns*****************
These "Peasant Gowns" are full gowns, designed for use with Better Bodies 2.0. The gowns have full sleeves, full skirts, and bodices that tie up with a bow. The mesh is made by Robearberbil. I have created a small shop in Pelagiad, located just inside the castle's walls. Eloine Stacy sells all of the peasant gowns, some expensive clothing from the original game, and also two pairs of Better Bodies boots made to go with the gowns. There is a dark brown pair, and a black pair of boots.

***********Peasant Gowns Replacer*****************
This mod replaces some female outfits with the Peasant Gowns. It is mostly shirt and skirt combinations that have been changed. I have tried not to modify any NPCs wearing robes, pants, or armor. I have tried to place commoners in more common gowns, and nobles and richer merchants in more expensive gowns. The gowns have the possibility of being found on NPCs who live in: small towns,larger cities, forts, and a few secluded farm houses. NPCs found in caves, tombs, and Ashlander camps have not been replaced. I have also changed a few NPCs in the Vampire Clan locations. There are also a few women located around the world in exterior cells who have had their attire changed. Some random gowns have also been added to the inventory of local clothiers. There is also a shop included that sells all the gowns, boots, and a selection of clothing from the original game. This shop can be found in Pelagiad. There are two eps included- one for Plain Morrowind, and another for the Tribunal Add-on. I have decided not to make a Bloodmoon Add-on version.

Please do not use this mod and the Better Bodies Peasant Gown shop together.

***********Sexy Black Collar Dress*****************
This plugin adds the following to an NPC found in the Addamasartus. (The cave near Seyda Neen). She'll sell you the following items, so don't kill her:
-A long black dress. The dress is cut with high slits up the legs on both sides, and has deep "v" opening from the neck to the belly button. The dress has a leather buckeled collar, long sleeves, and a semi transparent "v" down the back.
-A double sided cloak. The cloak is black on one side, and red on the other.
-A pair of buckled leather plateau boots by Durgoth and Qarl that inspired the dress. This version is 1a because it's not really finished yet. I'm releasing it per request.

***********Venom Rose Equipment*****************
Travel to the Ald Ruhn Morag Tong guildhouse to meet Venom Rose. She will sell you:
-The clothing version of the thigh high boots -The clothing version of the body suit
-The armor version of the thigh high boots
-The armor version of the body suit
-The armored long cape
-Two weapons made by Robearberbil: Lady Death's sword and Dawn's sword

***********Silk Dresses*****************
This plugin adds 8 new dresses to the game. These dresses are inspired by modern sleek evening gown styles. Most of the gowns are decorated to give the illusion of being made of silk. The dresses can be bought from Verara Rendo, Suran's resident clothier. Better Bodies 2.0 or higher is recommended for the clothing to fit correctly. Please note, Romantic Dream may disappear under water or when using a chameleon spell. The gowns do not have individual ground GNDs, but instead have dress patterns for each dress. I did not feel the need to increase the download size by creating separate textures for GNDs.

***********Gloves for BB Silk Dresses*****************
This plugin adds 4 elbow length gloves to the game. These gloves were designed to match 4 dresses, previously released in my (Better Bodies) Silk Dresses pack. The gloves can be bought from Verara Rendo, Suran's resident clothier....which is also were the dresses can be bought. This plugin does not require the silk dresses esp.

***********Silk Wraps*****************
This mod adds 13 recolors of a dress I made for several other projects. These color variants were created upon requests over the course of a year. I have also included 2 pairs of black and brown leather boots.The items can be bought from a new shop, located o­n the outskirts of Dagon Fel.

***********Korana's Closet Beta*****************
(This mod is dead to me, I despise it so. But I know someone will ask for it, so here you go. No screens will be provided)
Korana's closet is not only a clothing store, it sells items for your home as well. Underneath the shop is a small house to enjoy whenever you like! There are some clipping issues with the robe meshes. So what all is in this?
-Hurdy Gurdy's robes have been modified to fit Better Bodies 2.0. A few with custom capes to fit the robes. Both robes and capes where created by JunkMail. *These are the robes I mentioned above*
-A special pair of pants and corset.
-Sandals and boots for both Male and Females. Also made by Junkmail for Better Bodies 2.0
-3 New shields and a retextured staff
-6 Dresses using Neuman's Tight Dress Mesh for Better Bodies 2.0
-12 moveable tapestries
-2 moveable paintings
-There is one Imperial Female Mannequin and one Dark Elf Mannequin. The meshes and textures for these are not included since currently they use better bodies meshes. You WILL need to obtain Better Bodies for these to work until the final release.
-A movable "wrought iron and copper" fire place screen.
-A Few other household items such as several types of towels.
-All the non enchanted armor from Morrowind and Tribunal are also their original prices.
-Gorg's Necklaces are also all sold here in one location. You will need to obtain Necklace Pack by Gorg


***********The Tylwyth*****************
The Tylwyth are a gentle Better Bodies fairy race. Males are spritely, without wings by default, but can equip several pairs of wings that are sold. Females by default have wings with necklaces attached. Both male and female have glow mapped tattoos. The race, and the player, have a complete set of voice reactions, including a few custom added sounds. Travel north east of Hlormaren (a ways North West of Seyda Neen o­n the Bitter Coast, almost directly north of Balmora) to reach the magical place of Tylwyth Coeden. Look for a strangely out of place tree, with a door attached.
Inside, you'll find a magical place full of dancing Tylwyth. Stop and talk to the two dancing Tylwyth near the door to learn the secrets of the Tylwyth, and also buy:
-Several wing variants, some equipable to males. (ALL wings animated)
-2 male outfits
-A multitude of female fae outfits
-A special necklace designed to hide your wings
-Two special bows, designed by Phijama for this project
-Several other weapons and bows fit for a fae!

The "sparrow" wings have a very special feature. The outer edges of the wings will change color during spell casting. The color depends o­n the type of spell cast (ie "on target", "on touch", or "on self".)

Take the vine trellis up to the upper levels of Tylwyth Coeden to reach the palace of the Fae Queen, who has a special task...if you're up to it. She asks you to defeat the evil Rat King, who lives in the roots of the tree. In return, you will gain a very unique player home. You are always welcome to sleep in any other beds in Tylwyth Coeden, but if you would like a home unique to the others in Tylwyth Coeden, the task is yours for the taking!

***********Meadow Fae*****************
"Quick of wit and fast on their feet, these agile creatures are suited for land or air. Somewhat elusive, Meadow Fae depend on their security and magical skills to keep them out of trouble. If found, the meadow fae can prove to be a very well versed and cheery sort. Meadow Fae prefer to go unarmored for faster flight, and marksman skills suit the flying fairies well." The meadow fae are a race inspired by fairies. They are slightly shorter then wood elves. The race has different wings for the male and female variants of the race. The females are pale and petite, with delicately placed leaves and flowers on their bodies. The males are brown and green with permanent underwear. The race uses the seamless Better Bodies meshes, but no files are required from that mod. 8 female heads and 3 male heads are included with many hairs. Vampire heads have been included, and you can also choose to play those heads as a non-vampire. A class and birth sign are also included. A shop that you are welcome to call home is also included. The shop sells:
-A wig for vampire female characters
-Several variants on a rose arm wrap shield
-Better Bodies dresses designed for the meadow fae
-A cape
-Several pairs of wings
-Pants and shorts
-A few loincloths and tops To find the shop, speak to Willow in Arrille's Trade House, Seyda Neen. The shop is a nice under-hill house, with gentle music and butterflies.

Meadow Fae glow wings also available.
Meadow Fae companion also available.

***********Seamless BB Asian Race*****************
Since I did very little on this mod, it didn't seem right to upload it. However, I was the hoster of this mod and right after I announced my intentions to not
re-upload I received an email looking for it. How's that for a sign?

This mod contains a new race for the Morrowind, a complete stand-alone Asian race using seamless Better Bodies models. Better bodies is NOT required to use this mod, as the files are included. Included are:
-22 male heads (including vampire head)
-44 female heads (including vampire head)
-17 male hairstyles (every one is a new mesh not released in any other mod)
-44 female hairstyles (with some brand new meshes not used in any other mod)

MANY People contributed to this mod. The list is as follows: Zuldazug, Korana, redwoodtreesprite, RoBearBerbil, Super_Moose, TheSiriusSnape, lochnarus, Erstam, Psychodog Studios, and an unknown author of the prefixed "RB" hair meshes


***********Meadow Fae Companion*****************
She is a relatively simple companion. You can find her living in a tree house, in the same valley as Lillianth Facia (south of Balmora, across the river from the Egg Mine). Her name is Summer Hailshimmer, and she has the following features:
-Follow closely behind, and warp to you if she gets stuck or lost after a certain distance.
-She will stay in one spot, move aside, guard the area (wanders).
-She can teleport the two of you back to her tree house.
-She can return back to her tree house alone if you ask.
-She has the combat options of using melee, ranged, what she likes, or what you use when asked.
-She will restore her health.
-She will restore any of her wounded attributes.
-She will cure herself of any illness.
-She will report her skills to you.
-She will move out of the way if asked, and she has the auto-move functions (she will stay really close to you or she will stay out of your way).
-She will levitate and water walk with you when you do not need to prompt her too.
-You can change her clothing/wings/weapons/etc by companion share.
-She has a custom face for her race, and also has a new wig added to her inventory.


The Meadow Fae Race Mod Is Required.

***********Lady Death Companion*****************
This plugin adds the companion Lady Death and a companion hell hound ...based off of Chaos Comic's character. ALSO INCLUDED IS A PLAYABLE RACE VERSION OF LADY DEATH. The body uses the seamless
version of Better Bodies 2.1. Lady Death can be found in Hell's Lair. To get there, check out the Therys Ancestrial tomb (near the Balmora egg mine) or the shrine of Ashalmawia. Lady Death will also transport you back to the lair if you choose to return. Lady death comes with an outfit...warning, the cape is not physiqued and causes clipping at times. She also comes with a custom sword by Robearberbil.


Requires Morrowind, Bloodmoon, and Tribunal.

***********Dawn Companion*****************
"Dawn Companion" adds a companion to Desele's House of Earthly Delights in based off of Joseph Linsner's "Cry for Dawn" character. Also included are 4 sets of custom Better Bodies armor. The armor is in her luggage, found next to her. Her shield and sword are on her person. There is a second esp that adds Dawn's race as playable, with no companion. In this version the armor, rose thorn shield, and sword can be found in Holdismod's shop in Caldera. Both esps,"Playable Dawn and Equipment" and "Playable Dawn" should be 100% compatible with one another.


Requires Morrowind and Tribunal.


***********Features of Vvardenfell 3, Breton Females*****************
This mod adds 14 female breton heads to the game for the player's use. This does NOT replace any existing heads. *Hairs shown in screenshot not included.* Some of these faces may not have eyes that line up completely. I intended to finish them, but at this point just wanted to get rid of them!

***********Features of Vvardenfell 2*****************
This mod adds 8 heads to the game for the player's use. This does NOT replace any existing heads. *Hairs shown in screenshot not included.*

***********Features of Vvardenfell 1.5***************
This mod adds 5 (or 6 if you use the Drow face as well*)heads to the game for the player's use. This does NOT replace any existing heads. An optional drow face has been included. For this face to be available to you, you need ShadowTek's Drow Race. Ideally, the face should work with any earlier versions of the race...but to be o­n the safe side the exact esp I use is: Drow Race V 1.7 for BBV2.esp
This is an updated version of the Drow Race, updated by Kalikut. You can obtain this esp at:
The files for the Drow race still need to be obtained via ShadowTek's mod. Which is available here:
If you do not have the drow race installed, the face will simply not be available to you at character creation.

***********Features of Vvardenfell 1*****************
This mod adds several, high resolution textured, heads to the game for the player's use. This does NOT replace any existing heads.

***********Wide Eye Dark Elf Females*****************
This plugin adds two new playable Dark Elf female faces. I created these faces for personal use, but was asked to release them from several people. And no....dark elves are not required to have red eyes!

Included in this archive is one texture, this texture replaces the Better Bodies 2.2 Wood Elf Female texture, with one that has tatoos and (upon request) more pubic hair.

***********Mohawks for Morrowind*****************
This mod adds a new hairstyle for the players use. It is not a hair replacement and will not modify any existing hairs from either original morrowind or any mods. Both sexes can wear the mohawks no problem, and are currently available for every race and sex. The mohawks come in: orange, red, blonde/brownish with lighter "tips", black, green, purple, brown, and blue. Beast races have not been excluded! Argonians have a set of mohawks with horns attached. Khajiit's have "cat" ears attached.

***********Playable Faces and Hairs*****************
This is a combination of "ElvenHairs" and "PlayableFacesPackv2"...two mods I thought I let die long ago since I feel the quality is horrible. However, someone had uploaded them elsewhere and based on the amount of downloads received, it's become quite obvious that people still find some use for these. Playable Faces contains:
-5 Breton female Hairs
-6 Nord female Hairs,in 2 styles
-3 Nord male Hairs,in 2 styles
-4 Dark Elf Female Hairs,in 2 styles
-2 Redgaurd Female Hairs
-1 Imperial Female Hair/Tiara
-1 Wood Elf Female Hair
-1 High Elf Male Hair
-1 Dark Elf Male Hair
-1 Wood Elf Male Hair
-5 Breton Female Heads
-5 Dark Elf Female Heads
-1 Dark Elf Male Head
-2 High Elf Male Heads(tattoo variant)
-2 Imperial Female Heads
-1 Imperial Male Head
-4 Nord Female Heads
-2 Nord Male Heads
-3 Redgaurd Female Heads
-1 Wood Elf Male Head
-3 Wood Elf Female Heads

Elven hairs is a combination of two of Rhedd's hairs (Dark Elf hair 2 and Dark Elf hair 3). Contains:
-5 Hairs for Dark Elf
-6 Hairs for High Elf
-6 Hairs for Wood Elf

These mods are not merged, only packaged together.


***********Provincial Bath Shoppe*****************
This mod adds all the items you can dream up to add to your Morrowind Bath rooms! The shop is located nestled up against a corner of the castle in Pelagiad. The shop keeper will offer you a catalog when you first speak with her, please look at the catalog to see how I have grouped some of the items. I tried to create Bath sets for you to decorate your Morrowind homes with! The shop offers:
-FURNITURE: Wallscreens, bath tubs, bath basins, and mirrors (3 types).
-ART: paintings and tapestries. All art has placement scripts.
-Over 90 soaps!
-Animated perfumes and colognes.
-CLOTHING: Wearable bath towels, and bath robes for Better Bodies
-Lotions, bath salts, powders,etc. All of these have alchemical or ingredient properties.
-Bath towels, washcloths, unfolded washcloths, and bath mats. All available in several colors.
They are also designed to match the wearable towels and robes.
-Hand held mirrors!
-Silver shave mortar and pestle
-Animated water bucket.

***********Granny Claus Christmas Gifts*****************
Christmas has come to Vvardenfell! You can now deck the halls in your own style! Including:
- Better Bodies clothing for male amd female
- santa hat helms, with hairs attached for both males and females
- A red animated cape
- A black back pack
- Mittens in red, white and black
- Presents with bows, in two sizes
- 5 different versions of placeable wreaths
- Glow-mapped Christmas lights you can place wherever you like
- Round placeable ornaments
- 2 glass star placeable ornaments
- 4 versions of Christmas stockings, also placeable
- A Christmas tea set
- Several different trees are available, each o­ne placeable in game
- Animated, steaming mugs of cider
- Candy cane ingredients

NOTE: If downloading from a mirror site, use the mediafire site. The file available on ElricM does not have a readme included.

***********Transparent Red Glass Weapons*****************
This plug in adds a set of transparent red glass equipment to the inventory of Uulernil, Pelagiad's Armorer. All items have the same prices and stats as the regular glass items do. This does not replace the original glass items. Includes:
-2 Red Glass Claymores
-2 Red Glass Long swords
-2 Red Glass Staffs
-2 Red Glass Halberds
-2 Red Glass War Axes
-2 Red Glass Daggers
-2 Red Glass Tower Shields
-2 Red Glass Shields
-5 Raw Red Glass (Ingredient)
-10 Red Glass Throwing Knifes (will respawn in his inventory)
-10 Red Glass Throwing Star (will respawn in his inventory)
-10 Red Glass Arrow (will respawn in his inventory)


***********Shops & Great House Banners*****************
This set replaces the shop banners and House Banners with custom painted banners.
I have not re-done warning, welcome, temple, or city banners.

***********Dark Stone Imperial Textures*****************
This mod replaces the existing Imperial architecture textures with new o­nes. These new textures are darker than the original and realistic stone, with ornate carved details o­n ceilings, stairs, pillars, and doorways. The Imperial shrines have also been given a face lift. Also, Imperial fireplaces have been the best of my ability. There is a mesh fault with the fireplace, and it has a line down the front of it. I know that the fireplaces do not seem to be used in any Imperial Castles from Morrowind, but many mods do use them. Also, I figured if Bethesda named it should match...right?

There is a second option available, in the folder "wood floor texture option". I've always wanted the castles to have wooden floors...but found that the problem with implementing this via texture replacer was impossible. This is due to the fact that o­ne mesh seemed to have the wrong floor texture applied. In testing, I discovered that the two end dock peices at Ebonheart (mesh Ex_imp_plat_01.nif) were wood when the rest was stone. It was as if a developer accidently applied the wrong floor texture to that mesh! I have fixed the problem, and have included the mesh and wood floor texture for those that wish to use it. Please read installation notes. Please note- some modder made meshes may use the floor texture If you use the wooden floor option it will turn these meshes wood. I am not held responsible for any such occurance, since in development I cannot download every modder made Imperial Mesh known to date. Please read un-installation notes if this occurs and you wish to uninstall the wooden floor version.

***********Korana's Redoran Textures*****************
This mod replaces the existing Redoran architecture textures with new o­nes. There is also 2 novelty sets included. There is a pink set and a red set in a crab texture. I was bored o­ne day and amused myself. You can thank Bethesda for this:

"Ald'ruhn is the district seat of House Redoran, and a large settlement. Most citizens are Dunmer, most are House Redoran members or followers. The Redoran Council chambers and Redoran manors are up north inside the shell of an ancient extinct giant crab. Most of the cornerclubs, merchants, and guildhalls are o­n the southwest and central part of town. Ald'ruhn Temple is to the east. Fort Buckmoth, the Legion garrison, is south of town, outside the town wall."

I just made them a bit more crabby! There are other textures included, the crab versions are in
subfolders. IF for some silly reason you decide to use them, copy and paste them from their subfolders into Morrowind\Data Files\Textures. Make sure you tell them to overwrite the other
files as well. The crab textures will not install as default textures, I've included much more normal textures that will install when you install the pack.

***********Ivy and Stone Cottage Textures*****************
This is a texture replacer that replaces the cottage/common house textures. I always felt that Bethesda was o­nto something when the placed ivy o­n a few buildings, but I always wanted more! I also always wanted more rustic brick and stone cottages. These textures cover cottages in ivy and moss, with rustic red bricks, dark stones, or weathered bricks. Two road textures have also been replaced: gives the town of Caldera (and other places possibly) a lovely traditional arched pattern, more upscale, cobblestone street, and gives the town of Pelagiad (and other places possibly) a natural round, more country like, cobblestone street. Most of the interior textures for the richer tile sets have not been redone, as I feel that other people have done an excellent job o­n them! I have redone the interior stucco to a lighter color to match the exterior, and a the common stone tile has had a few textures redone...but not all.

***********Ornate Hlaalu Textures*****************
This texture pack replaces the Hlaalu architecture textures with new o­nes. The goal was for the city to be a bit more ornate, while still sticking with the style of the architecture.
The new textures have a slight influence from architecture styles from the mediterranean. Exterior textures have been replaced for building and the door wood and trim. I have made the choice not to change the door lock textures, as I believe several other modders have done such an excellent job that there is no comparison! Interior textures have been replaced as well. There are two options for ceiling- o­ne is a richly decorated tile design in warm colors. The second is a rich cherry wood. Please read installation notes if you choose to use the rich cherry wood texture instead of the tile (included as the default for this pack).

***********Korana's Rugs*****************
This replaces the rug textures with more colorful and realistic rug textures. These are mostly very bright, and may not be to everyone's tastes.

***********Magical Mournhold Textures*****************
There have been quite a few changes. The most drastic being the city itself. Other areas (all but Sotha Sil's tile set because I felt Bethesda did just fine o­n that o­ne) have also been modified in some way. The city of Mournhold has the following touches:
-Gives the trim of buildings a very ornate green and gold trim.
-Colorful glass windows (that now match the wonderful temple window that no o­ne ever really gets to see)
-Golden/Copper roofs with a bit of weathering.
-Golden Doors.
-Mournhold buildings have darker, stone (to offset the busy trim)
-Extradoranarily Opulent interiors.
-Sharpened up some flora textures (all but o­ne grass actually).
-Gives soil, trees, and grass more organic and photorealistic appearance.
-Cobblestone streets with some leafy touches thrown in.
-No more bluish green temple. The temple base has ivy o­n it, and the temple itself is more of a beige color with opulant trim.

The Sewers have the following touches:
-They are groooosssss now. Hanging moss, muck covered floors, muck covered pipes.

Old Mournhold has the following touches:
-MOST of the textures were darkened up considerably, sharpened, and adjusted in other ways. I felt that for ruins that had been underground for so many years, they looked sun bleached. The Dark Brotherhood Buildings and Old Temples look much better.

Bamz-Amschend has the following touches-
-It has been "dwemer-rized". To be honest, I hated the original textures for this particular tile set. They were too bright, o­nce again giving me the "sun bleached" impression. I did not like the purple accents o­n the pillars either. The ruins now seem to fit in with dwemer architecture much better.

-Almalexia had a makeover: New face (inspired by Qarl's Sexy Almalexy, and originated by his face texture for her). She also had her body sharpened up, and her cleavage was "fixed" (that woman had some issues in that area....major issues)
-King Helseth had a makeover: I redid his face a bit. Keep in mind, it's o­nly a texture new meshes involved. For an original mesh, I think I did pretty good. Oh, he also has black hair now. I thought he looked silly with brown.
-The Queen had a slight makeover: she had an eye transplant. No more red eyes that seemed to bleed out of the socket. She has more realistic eyes now. That's all I did to her. The texture o­n the mesh stretched I gave up o­n trying to make her more attractive.
-Misc other textures were sharpened/contrasted/adjusted.
-I completely redid the statues in the plaza. They might be a bit much for some people. They are stone with ivy.
-Various creatures (such as Sotha Sil, Fabricants, Durzogs, liches, and Goblins) had minor adjustments such as sharpening/color adjustments/etc.

There is an Extras folder with two textures in it- a modest floor for interiors (just a dark green stone) and a large, simpler cobblestone texture for the exteriors.

***********Caldera Governer Mansion Replacer****************
I always felt that an important building, like the Caldera's Governer's Mansion should not look worse than the surrounding town, but in fact look better. I decided to make a replacement, which makes the building exterior seem more stately. This mod replaces the Caldera Governer's Mansion meshes and ID's with new, custom textured meshes. THIS DOES NOT REPLACE THE INTERIORS!! Bethesda did not use an interior tile set for the mansion, but used Imperial. I have decided to leave it that way! I have tested this mod with several mods that modify Caldera and the land around it. I have found o­nly o­ne conflit- Better Caldera will cause the door way to not be replaced by the new mesh for some reason. It still looks fine. This mod will NOT replace any Governer's Mansion meshes used in other mods, all meshes have been renamed with new IDs. Some of the meshes have a slight green tinge, I have tried everything to avoid this....but was unable to change their lighting. You can see the difference in the door way and the building...those textures are the same color but you can see the light difference in game These are o­nly retextured meshes, not new o­nes....I cannot modify the meshes except in niftexture.

***********Rustic Raven Rock Textures****************
This mod replaces the existing Raven Rock textures with new ones. These textures get rid of the "green effect", and instead change Raven Rock exteriors and interiors into rustic wood and stone buildings. Windows have even been replaced with iced over glass panes. Icicles are now larger and in more abundance. Interiors use rich wood paneling with dark stone floors. Walls are often stone with wood beams. The docks have also received new wood and rope textures at Raven Rock. Please note that the rope texture is mapped like that and I put in lots of effort to avoid it's tiling, but unless I choose to remap the set in Max it will continue to tile. Even the original texture tiled this way. The interior and exterior of the mine meshes have been replaced to use a different stone texture to avoid wood beams crossing where they should be none. Please note that replacing those two meshes will not invalidate any saved games or cause any negative effect. The bar and mine sign have even been replaced.

***********BLLDV (Better Looking Liquor, Drugs, and Vials)****************
Being a long time fan of several mods which replace potions and glass wear, I felt that liquor bottles were rather short on style. This mod replaces the liquor bottles, as well as moonsugar and skooma pipe, and also several unique vials/potions added by the expansions which common potion replacers do not replace. This mod comes in two parts: esps and direct mesh replacements. EACH* item has it's own unique bottle and label, and in order to properly implement this an esp was in order since Bethesda was rather fond of using the same mesh for several items. The esps also make slight arrangements to bottles in existing cells, since Bethesda was also rather fond of floating bottles on tables. Something I had never noticed until I began paying closer attention. Also, several Shein bottles had to be moved slightly due to a difficult choice I made to keep wider bottles for the esp.

This mod was never properly finished. You may not distribute or use parts from it without direct permission from me.

Frost & Fire salt addon available in seperate download.

***********Korana's Velothian Texture Replacer****************
Probably my second retexture ever, this mod replaces the Velothian textures with brown marble textures. Normally, I would have let this one die too but in the spirit of uploading everything it gets to play too! This mod mostly affects the interiors, making them richer and warmer.

***********Fantasy Castle Texture Replacer****************
This is a texture replacer for the Imperial Castle Textures, and the dragon statue (ONLY the dragon, the base textures and metal textures have not been modified or included). This set was made for my preschool classroom (I was a teacher). This was made as a special reward for them (they get to see it in game soon) for a wonderful conversaton we had about castles. They descriped what they wanted a fantasy castle to look like, and used wonderful words, some used marble and architecture! Then drew and built castles, and they did so wonderful that I drew up some textures from what they told me they wanted in a castle. I showed them what I drew, and they all said it was what they wanted. The textures in this pack are the finished version of their ideas. They were designed for them, not to blend in with the rest of the world! They are wonderfully bright, busy, gold and white marble buildings, with red and white marble floors (even in the's what they wanted!).

I realize these are quite garish, but I miss those kids and these are close to my heart. They might be fun for a young player or those young at heart to play with.


The following instruments have been created by me either through usage of free-for-use freeware, or by hand...or by a mixture of both hand and resources. The instruments include:
-Bagpipes (a gift for someone...)
-Fiddle (with seperate bow)
-Transverse "modern" flute
-Small lap harp
-Large floor harp
-Trumpet (medieval flagged style)
-Snare drum

All instruments are reflection mapped. A script, originally written by princess stomper, has been included. You can use this script as you like, however you must modify the script for each instrument. It gives a bit more interest than the old activate and play scripts.

***********Pine Cones Resource****************
This mod is a modders resource. No esp has been included. Included in the archive are 9 pine cones. Icons have also been included.

***********Roses Resource****************
This mod is a modders resource. This is a pack of rose meshes to use to decorate buildings or use as other flora. The roses come in the following colors: pink, red, white, and yellow.
There are 7 versions of "flat" rose arrangements designed to be placed along buildings, per color. Each peice is double sided.
There are 7 versions of "3d" rose arrangements that always face the player no matter what angle, per color.

***********Sanitary Conditions****************
Due to Princess Stomper's constant comments about toilets...I have no made a set of historical toilets for Morrowind- ranging from ye ol' hole in a box medieval latrines to the water closet of the early 19th century. AND YES. I made USED versions.
-There's two versions of the medieval latrine, o­ne which fits in the standard imperial peice between pillars, and o­ne shorter for any other uses.
-There are 2 chamber pots, o­ne blue and o­ne brown.
-The outhouse has a door which swings open.
-A roll of toilet paper was included o­n request.
-There's SOUNDS included. No scripts, no esp. You're o­n your own with that.

***********Canopy Beds ****************
Adds 24 new retextured beds in different styles..and a black pillow to compliment some. Retextured Dongle's Canopy Bed Mesh. These will be needed to be added in game, but I included a ESP for modders.

***********Child-Like Dremora Face****************
This is just a resource. It was made per request from a member of the Official Elder Scrolls Forum. There are no esps, and nothing is added to the game or the CS. The face is purely a resource. The face is that of a child-like Dremora. No hairs, races, or other body parts have been included.

If you need assistance with adding faces/races to the game, some very useful tutorials may be found here:

***********Furniture Pack****************
(Another mod I'd happily let die but apparently people still like it and ask for it...*sigh*)
There are two esps included. One adds a house to Caldera using the items. Furniture Resource esp contains no test cell or house, but contains the retextured items. All of these items where done by Mighty Joe Young, except for the flooring meshes and the fireplaces (by Locharnus).
-2 bathtubs
-2 fireplace retextures in stone and rich wood
-8 flooring panels
-4 lamps
-1 white wood trellis
-5 expensive vases
-3 exquisite vases
-1 weapons display case set as a container with a glass door
-3 different types of shelving, including one with glass doors
-rich wood set including: two armoires, a dresser, 2 beds, a china cabinet, a side table, 2 hutches, and a desk
-A wicker set including: 2 beds, an armoire, a hutch, a side table, and a dresser
-seating including: a red and leopard sofa, a rich wood and leopard chair, and a fabric covered roman bench
-miscellaneous tables: 2 fabric covered ones, and a glass one.

***********Jack O' Lantern****************
Made this by combining half of my own mesh with that of another unknown creator. This mod adds to the Construction Set...the Jack O' Lanterns are not found in game. The Jack O' Lanterns are set up as actual lanterns and as miscellaneous items. Icon also included.

***********Labelled Bottle Resource****************
This is just o­ne of Qarl's lovely bottles, with an alpha enabled label o­n it. I made Absinthe for someone who wanted it at the ES Forums.

***********Paintings and Tapestries Pack****************
These paintings and tapestries where made by me for random projects and where never used, or I have had requests to release them separately. There is an esp file included that has the tapestries and paintings set up as miscellaneous items. I have also included the icons. There is a script that I have attached to the paintings and tapestries that allows them to be placeable in game by the player. (not my's by Dracus Dragani) These are not in game anywhere.

***********Thrones Resource****************
This mod is a modders resource. There are 7 thrones. Each of them displayed in Ken's Test hole.

***********Authentic Documents****************
All these documents are based off actual historical works in appearance. Contains, in individual folders for installation "cleanliness" the following:
-62 books
-12 children's books (not child material per say, mostly it's the size as I found the size of original books too large)
-6 letters
-16 scrolls of eastern variety

***********Pumpkin Patch & Scarecrows****************
I made this pumpkin patch mesh as part of an agricultural pack used in Pelanor. The pumpkin mesh and leaves were made by ANB, and I obtained permission to use them in my projects. I've decided to release the pumpkin patch, and have also included an original pumpkin by ANB. If you use these in your projects please credit ANB for his pumpkin! The scarecrows were made by hand, with help from free models (the hat & shirt sleeves) They aren't completely finished, but in the spirit of Halloween I've gathered them together. There are the following:
-Plain pumpkin scarecrow (pumpkin mesh by ANB)
-Jack O Lantern scarecrow (Jack o Lantern mesh by ANB)
-Sack scarecrow
-Scary Sack scarecrow (he's rather creepy really. I was goofing around. No matter which side you stand on he has a face that watches you.)

***********Pirate Galleons****************
This is a modders resource, it places no ships in game. Included are:
-1 galleon (all white sails)
-1 galleon, sails furled (all white)
-1 galleon, damaged (torn white sails)
-1 pirate galleon (white sails and 1 skull sail)
-1 pirate galleon, furled (white sails and 1 skull sail)
-1 pirate galleon, damaged (torn white sails and 1 torn skull sail)
-1 pirate galleon (all black sails and 1 skull sail)
-1 pirate galleon, furled (all black sails and 1 skull sail)
-1 pirate galleon, damaged (all torn black sails and 1 torn skull sail)
-1 ghost galleon (glowy green all around, with reflection map and particle poison cloud that encompases the whole ship)
-1 rowboat
-1 plank
-1 double door
-1 double door for the ghost ship
-1 single door
-1 single door for the ghost ship
-1 trap door
-1 trap door for the ghost ship
-1 wrecked ship (sails gone, masts apart, hole in hull, and no windows)
-1 set of windows to be used as doors for entering the wreck
-1 hole cover to be used as a door for entering the wreck

***********Soup Pot Resource****************
A soup pot made by request. The chain was a free resource, the rest of the pot made by hand. You may use this how you see fit, but I did not do a good job on a bounding box and have not
tested this in game. The bounding box does not fit correctly, so any in game moving of the pot will result in odd behavior! I recommend using it only as a static, container, or activator.

***********Stew Pot Resource****************
There are 2 styles of pots, one with real chunks of meat and vegetables. The other is similar to my soup pot resource, only it is not hanging and a more modern style of pot. It has a spoon in it.
There is also a bowl of stew, complete with real chunks.

***********Time For Tea Resource**************
There are two main tea sets, one is reflection mapped. Each object marked with N at the end has no reflection. Those that do not have an N mark have reflection applied. Each set includes:
-Empty teacup
-Full teacup (cold)
-Full teacup (steaming)
-Vase full of flowers (willow anther)
-vase empty
-Sugar bowl full (with spoon)
-sugar bowl empty (closed)
-bowl full of water (for finger tip cleaning)
-creamer full
-creamer empty
-rolled napkin

In addition, there are also light versions of the flowers, teapot, and steaming tea cup. These allow the player to "hold" them. Also, there are several snacks included:
-Cheese sandwhich
-Frosted mini cake
-Mini sweetcake

For the tea making experience (if someone ever scripts it) there are 3 bags of tea, and also 3 bundles of MW plants set up in the drying position.

This archive containstwo versions of the gown mesh, the gown GND, and the relevant texture maps. It's up to you which mesh and texture map you use when retexturing. The version that has the skirt texture map to the side may pull at the texture causing distortions.
RB_Gown_sideskirt.nif is set up so the skirt seams meet in the back and to the left (facing the back).
RB_gown_altmap1.nif is set up so the skirt seams from front and the back.

***********Christmas Cards****************
Originally made for 2007, but the meshes may be reused for anything or someone else may wish to make MW Christmas cards for another year.

***********Gold Genie Lamp****************
My first retexture, ahhh the memories. Amazingly, it had a high number of downloads on another site. Adds a gold "genie" light (retextured Redware Lamp) to the Construction Set.
This is intended for modder's use (made by request). The lamp is currently added as a light with the item ID "KO_Gold_Lamp". Feel free to adjust the flame for the lamp at your will. The lamp is currently not in game...and will need to be added to cells or NPC inventory as you wish.

***********Templar Sheild****************
Adds a shield in game to match the templar armor set. Also included is an esp for modder's usage


***********Mod Installation Tutorial****************
This is an archived html file from my website, which aids to assist new mod users. The basics of what a mod is and how to install one are covered, as well as frequently asked questions.

***********Facial Glow Mapping FAQ, Techniques, and Tutorial****************
This tutorial is aimed at helping textures artists easily glow maps parts of the face (eyes, mouth) to achieve effects in game. Images included in archive.