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The Elder Scrolls III
Morrowind Mod:
Welcome to the Arena! V6.7
by Kalamestari_69


2.What this mod does?
3.Playing the Plugin
4.Save Games
5.Questions that has been asked
7.About Options stone
9.Other Info




First extract all the files in Data Files Folder into the Morrowind\Data Files directory. Open Morrowind launcher and select "Welcome to the arena 6.7.esp".




With this mod, you can fight and bet for fights in the Vivec's Arena, just like in the the Imperial City Arena in Oblivion. To start your journey, talk to one of the arena masters in their bloodworks about "Join the arena". You need to be at least level 10 to join. After joining, you can fight in rank related matches or against monsters. Just ask about this from your arena master and off you go!

List of features:

- There are 25 rank related battles. From a lowly Pit Dog all the way to become the best: the Grand Champion of the Arena.

- After you've been made the Grand Champion, there are still champions that are after your title. You can fight these champions once a week.

- You can fight against arena monsters once a day. Up to three monsters at once.

- There are fans watching and cheering in the pit when you fight in there. Fans appear also during the other fights in the arena. Against the Arch-Mage, the ArchMagister of Redoran, Garding the Bold and the Knight of the Imperial Dragon. Also during one of House Redoran's quest, whitch name i don't remember.

- If you are a gambling type, you can bet on fights. Only you have to do, is to speek to Cocius Coloni in the pit (between 10 am. to 6 pm.).

- During ranking matches and champion fights, there will be spikes placecd in the edges of the pit and yes, they will hurt you when you run/jump at them.

- Some of the fights are "unique" in their own way. Be prepared for these. You have been warned!

- Ask other arena teammates to join you in team fights. They will level up if you win the fight with them (max 4 times). You can also give potions and scrolls to them, chance combat tactics and ask various questions from them.

- You can ask other NPC's (excluding guards, transportation npcs, arena fighters, king, queen mother, some of the important quest givers, slaves, ashlanders and npcs with NoLore) to a fight to the death! If they hate you, they will accept it. But be prepared! It may look like they might be wearing nothing, but if they have skills, they WILL bring some equipment to help them! In order to get the "-Challenge" topic, talk to people of Vivec about the "Arena" to get that topic.

- An unique options stone placed on each bloodworks that enables you to: change the difficulty of the fight, enable\disable stuff in FPS optimizer menu, enable\disable need for the battle cuirass, Enable\disable the final battle music.

That is maybe all i need to say about this mod.

Fight with honor Pit Dog!




To start your journey, talk to the people of Vivec about Arena, or just go to the Arena Bloodworks in Vivec Arena Canton and talk to one of the arena masters (Jolgard of Gadaves Omavel) if you want to join the arena. If you want to bet for fights, talk to Cocius Coloni in the Arena Pit (between 10 am. to 6 pm.)




- As always. Backup your original save games.

- If you have old version of this mod and you replace it with new version, you might encounter something that shouldn't be happening. I recommend to use latest version of Wrye Mash and using "Repair All" command if you are planing to replace the old mod or if you are having something else.

- If you don't want to do the things above, simply start a new game.




Q: Will this interfere with any quests from the main game that involve the arena?
A: I haven't touched any of those scripts so don't worry.

Q: When i waited in the pit, i noticed that Tanusea Veloth disappears somehow. What i have done wrong?
A: Nothing. It's not my fault too. Sometimes, Tanusea Veloth isn't at the Arena, then you will have to reload Morrowind or use the console.

Q: Is it possible to levitate in the pit?
A: Well...Yes, but you will be disqualified.

Q: How many times i can be disqualified before i'll be expelled?
A: First time when you're disqualified, you get a warning. Second time you will be expelled, and cannot rejoin the arena. If you loot a corpse, you will be expelled immediately.

Q: One of the practice dummies got broken. How do i get them repaired?
A: They will respawn after 3 days.

Q: Does this mod reguire MWSE or any other program to run?
A: No. Although i strongly recommend Morrowind Code Patch and Patch for Purists for more stable experience.

Q: Is there anyway to leave the pit while fighting? Can it be done by scripted items?
A: Even if you leave the pit using items like Berne Amulet, you will be disqualified.

Q: The person supposed to let me bet on fights isn't there, and no fights are happening. Anyone know how to fix this?
A: It's 50% chance that there is a fight or not. Between 10 am. to 6 pm.

Q: Is this mod compatible with OpenMW?
A: No. There is a patch for it here in the nexus though.

Q: Is this mod compatible with TES3MP?
A: No. Same as OpenMW. This mod was made for vanilla game only, so i highly doubt that it will work on multiplayer.

Q: Is there any difference in joining either of the teams?
A: Yes there is. Regular matches are different. Your team partners and their abilities are different.




Nothing major, but few still:

-Battle Cuirasses don't have their reflection shown.

-During the final battle (and if final fight music is enabled), if the fight somehow interrupts (Golam stops fight, or he's charmed), the final fight music stops and starts to play again when script's timer is 0.

Luckily, there is a fix to both of these bugs in Morrowind Code Patch:

-Allow reflection effects on skinned objects
-Scripted music interruptible

Use these fixes if you don't want to encounter these bugs.


7.About Options Stone


Here are the list of things that you have in the options menu:

If you are suffering from low fps in the pit, you can adjust these settings to increase fps. For example: removing half of the spectators from the pit to increase fps. (!NOTE! You have to make sure that the pit is empty before enabling/disabling stuff.).

If you don't like the music track that is played during the fight with the grand champion, you can disable it and listen the original soundtrack.

You can remove the need of any arena armor with this. Once disabled, you can freely use any kind of cuirass that you want. If you want to have some challenge, you can enable the need of the cuirasses at any time.

You can set the leveling rate of your enemies in the arena. Later difficulties also enhance the damage done by the enemy.




This mod is incombatible with mods like: "Gladiator" and "Morrowind Inhabitants, freeform", and any other mods that add similiar arena fights.




Version 1.0 Initial release

Version 1.5. Added missing files and removed screenshots so the
download wouldn't take so long.

Version 2.0 Added animated practice dummies to the training area.

Version 2.5 - Fixed couple of bugs.
- Mod cleaned with TesAme
- Changed most of the dialogue
- Added full functioning betting system

Final version 3.0 - Fixes minor bugs and some dialogue typos
- Added +10 levels to each combatant
- Grand Champion now uses he's deadly darts
- Added LoFi version.
- Added resting area
- Fixed so called "all the combatants against you bug" that appeared in Gladiator mod and also in the older versions of this mod.
- Mod cleaned with TesAme
- As a Grand Champion, you can still fight against the Red Team's Champions once a week.

06.16.2009 - Removed 90% alarm rating from fans.

06.19.2009 - Added two more esp:s for those who want some "over powered" combatants.

Final's Final version 4.0 - Fans appear also during the other fights in the arena. Against the Arch-Mage, the ArchMagister of Redoran, Garding the Bold and the Knight of the Imperial Dragon.
- Made the arena bloodworks more darker and also replaced the beds in the resting area with bedrolls.
- Now in every ranking match and every champion fight, there will be spikes placed in the pit. Yes, they will hurt you if you run/jump to them :).
- Now you can repair the dummies even if you're not a member of the arena, but it'll cost more.
- Now when there is match going on in the pit (like challenged the arch-mage or archmagister), the spectator area is closed. You have to go trough the bloodworks to get to the pit.
- Made some dialogue fixes...again.
- Mod cleaned with TesAme

08.23.2009 - Fixed a bug that you could still fight duels even if you were expelled from the Arena.

08.25.2009 - Fixed spelling + bad grammar

Version 4.5 (uber update)
- Replaced most of the sounds
- Graphical improvment in most of the things
- Completely changed betting and fighting in the Arena
- Dialogue fixes
- You can now ask other arena teammates to join you in team fights
- Some of the fights are "unique" in their own way
- Animated spectators (Thanks Archimaestro!)
- Removed enchantment from battle cuirasses and made the unechantabble
- Added training weapons to training area of bloodworks
- Changed arena bloodworks
- Added a little script to the Arena Master. so that he'll know what armor type is best for you, and will assign it to you. Same goes with Cuirass of Valor
- Now you are able to loot opponents corpses and leave the pit trough the door, but you will be expelled.

06.03.2010 - Fixed some major bugs

Version 5.0
- Now you can join the Red Team
- Added Monster Fights
- Added unique voices to some npc's
- Random Spectators
- Bug Fixes
- Animated some people (Thanks Archimaestro Antares!)
- Unarmored battle shirts for unarmored players
- Chance to change your battle cuirass (only once)
- Upgraded Grand Champion himself (i accidentaly created a monster)

1.9.2011 - Added missing files that were missing in the release
- Fixed minor bug

Version 5.5
- Now you can challenge anyone to fight to the death
- Leveled combatants
- Unique options menu, where you can enable/disable many things
- Graphical updates
- Bug Fixes
- Final fight music
- Arena companions overhaul: they level up, you can give items to them, change combat tactics etc...
- As Grand Champ, there is 35% chance that next champion fight is a team battle

10.20.2011 - Fixed some serious bugs:
- Some champion fights were completely unavailable thanks to an error in the script
- Some companions might die just like that in 3 days

Version 6.0
- Dialogue overhaul
- Fixed a bug where you can't bet on the fighters, even if you have the money to do so
- Fixed another bug where you were able to kill your opponent after getting disqualified and still get the reward. After a fight or two, this caused "Ready for fight" topic to dissappear
- Fixed a bug where Fadali Sathren would get stuck at the pit entrance after returning to the blue bloodworks. You could not ask for assistance during the team fights if this happened
- Gub a dexif that made Grand Champion's collission box dissapear. This meant that he wasn't able to get damaged by ranged weapons
- ----II---- in the scripting that made Grand Champion's body unlootable
- Armored spectators are renamed to Mercenaries
- Options menu removed. Added options stones instead with more features
- Fighters in the betting matches are more "randomized". This means that they have more variety in their equipment
- Mages in the betting matches are nerfed a bit
- Champions are also more "randomized"
- Arena smiths now have more stuff to sell. They will now always restock their inventory if needed
- Removed couple of safespots >:)

version 6.1
- Fixed a bug that would cause your teamfight partner to die all of a sudden
- Fixed Grand Champion's swords meshes. They were glowing in the dark...
- Player challenged NPC's now have more variety in their equipment if they take any
- Fixed a bug that caused spectators to duplicate during betting fights
- Team partners now heal up after teamfights
- Fixed music files path for "GC fight" and "silence"

version 6.2
- Minor graphical enhancements
- Fixed a bug that caused Ababae to always hold mortar and pestle even in middle of a fight
- The price you get from monster fights now depends on the number and type of monsters you kill
- Buffed damage output of the fighter that transforms into a werewolf
- Most textures changed from .tga to .dds

- Added missing texture

version 6.3
- Replaced two doors from both bloodworks that lead to the pit
- Mod is now compatible with "LGNPC - Tel Uvirith"

version 6.4
- Fixed a bug that caused spectators to duplicate during betting fights... and i thought that i fixed this...
- Nerfed/Buffed some of the fighters in betting fights
- Fixed a bug that caused "cheering" sound effects to stop working in some arena fights
- Fixed a bug that caused some of the betting fights not to start at all

version 6.5
- Fixed many bugs concerning bet fights

version 6.6
- Fixed couple of typos
- Fixed spikes not showing up in ranking matches
- Updated practice dummies with Stuporstar's version
- Options stone now shows the default value in the info tab and also shows the current value in other tabs
- Removed "Repair the dummies" topic from arena smiths because they are no longer needed
- Spectators are now loaded in more frames rather than just first: lowers the performance impact in the first frame when entering the arena

- Fixed "Join the arena" topic by removing useless addtopic functions

version 6.7
- Dialogue fixes and toned down some dialogue options
- Disabled npcs/activators are now sent to a different "thrash cell" to prevent ctd. Much more stable than disableing and leaving them there
- Fixed a bug that prevented team champion matches from appearing
- Fixed a bug that caused Vinvanil to equip the same book that Fadali reads after a team fight
- Fixed a bug that made Vinvanil receive no arrows after a team fight
- Fixed a bug that team partners didn't get their armor fixed after a team fight and kept using their broken pieces
- Removed custom head meshes from all npc's. Makes the mod compatible with all head replacers
- Fixed a bug that allower red team master to arrange fights when a fight from LGNPC - Tel Uvirith was on
- Fixed the amount of gold you get after a fight in red team. Some values were higher than in the Blue Team
- Fixed a bug that caused team champions to keep fighting after the match was over (you got disqualified)

- '-challenge' topic will not appear on slaves, ashlanders and npcs that have NoLore local. Also shipmasters and caravaners wont accept a duel
- Fixed second chance grand champion's (after been disqualified once) missing head problem
- Removed spells that mage partners couldn't use. Also added better spells to their arsenal once they level up fourth time

You may not upload this mod anywhere else. Translations are always welcome. Compatibility mods, i appreciate. If you plan to use assets of this mod (meshes and textures), ask permission from me.

Thanks to:

Handicap for Spiked Barricades
povohulo for dialogue fixes
AcidBasick, Stuporstar & Bud_Lyte_kNight for Animated Practice Dummies 3.0
Oshiel for his animation replacer
Mah boi, Archimaestro Antares for many many many things (there wouldnt be a version 5.0 or later without him)
NMZMaster for his Elemental Magicka mod's spells
rocker, Lady Eternity, and Star Boi for the New Elemental Damage Effects resource
Dirnae for his animated ice block
Aeroblyctos for the Final Fight music (It's edited from Nightwish's track: "7 Days to the Wolves", so huge thanks to them also)
People in Bethesda Forums for help
Bethesda for this wonderful game.