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This mod allows you to fight and bet for fights in the Vivec's Arena, just like in the the Imperial City Arena in Oblivion.

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  • Polish

Latest Version: 6.7
May 9th, 2020

Before installing, make sure that you have the latest version of Morrowind (v1.6820), and both Tribunal and Bloodmoon installed.

I strongly recommend The Morrowind Code Patch if you are playing on the vanilla engine.
I also recommend Patch for Purists for more bug free experience.

If you are using OpenMW, you should get Welcome to the Arena - OpenMW patch

With this mod, you can fight and bet for fights in the Vivec's Arena, just like in the the Imperial City Arena in Oblivion. To start your journey, talk to one of the arena masters in their bloodworks about "Join the arena". You need to be at least level 10 to join. After joining, you can fight in rank related matches or against monsters. Just ask about this from your arena master and off you go!

List of features:

- There are 25 rank related battles. From a lowly Pit Dog all the way to become the best: the Grand Champion of the Arena.

- After you've been made the Grand Champion, there are still champions that are after your title. You can fight these champions once a week.

- You can fight against arena monsters once a day. Up to three monsters at once.

- There are fans watching and cheering in the pit when you fight in there. Fans appear also during the other fights in the arena. Against the Arch-Mage, the ArchMagister of Redoran, Garding the Bold and the Knight of the Imperial Dragon. Also during one of House Redoran's quest, whitch name i don't remember.

- If you are a gambling type, you can bet on fights. Only you have to do, is to speek to Cocius Coloni in the pit (between 10 am. to 6 pm.).

- During ranking matches and champion fights, there will be spikes placecd in the edges of the pit and yes, they will hurt you when you run/jump at them.

- Some of the fights are "unique" in their own way. Be prepared for these. You have been warned!

- Ask other arena teammates to join you in team fights. They will level up if you win the fight with them (max 4 times). You can also give potions and scrolls to them, change combat tactics and ask various questions from them.

- You can ask other NPC's (excluding guards, transportation npcs, arena fighters, king, queen mother, some of the important quest givers, slaves, ashlanders and npcs with NoLore) to a fight to the death! If they hate you, they will accept it. But be prepared! It may look like they might be wearing nothing, but if they have skills, they WILL bring some equipment to help them! In order to get the "-Challenge" topic, talk to people of Vivec about the "Arena" to get that topic.

- An unique options stone placed on each bloodworks that enables you to: change the difficulty of the fight, enable\disable stuff in FPS optimizer menu, enable\disable need for the battle cuirass, Enable\disable the final battle music.

That is maybe all i need to say about this mod.

Fight with honor Pit Dog!

Q: Will this interfere with any quests from the main game that involve the arena?
A: I haven't touched any of those scripts so don't worry.

Q: When i waited in the pit, i noticed that Tanusea Veloth disappears somehow. What i have done wrong?
A: Nothing. It's not my fault too. Sometimes, Tanusea Veloth isn't at the Arena, then you will have to reload Morrowind or use the console.

Q: Is it possible to levitate in the pit?
A: Well...Yes, but you will be disqualified.

Q: How many times i can be disqualified before i'll be expelled?
A: First time when you're disqualified, you get a warning. Second time you will be expelled, and cannot rejoin the arena. If you loot a corpse, you will be expelled immediately.

Q: One of the practice dummies got broken. How do i get them repaired?
A: They will respawn after 3 days.

Q: Does this mod reguire MWSE or any other program to run?
A: No. Although i strongly recommend Morrowind Code Patch and Patch for Purists for more stable experience.

Q: Is there anyway to leave the pit while fighting? Can it be done by scripted items?
A: Even if you leave the pit using items like Berne Amulet, you will be disqualified.

Q: The person supposed to let me bet on fights isn't there, and no fights are happening. Anyone know how to fix this?
A: It's 50% chance that there is a fight or not. Between 10 am. to 6 pm.

Q: Is this mod compatible with OpenMW?
A: No. There is a patch for it here in the nexus though.

Q: Is this mod compatible with TES3MP?
A: No. Same as OpenMW. This mod was made for vanilla game only, so i highly doubt that it will work on multiplayer. 

Q: Is there any difference in joining either of the teams?
A: Yes there is. Regular matches are different. Your team partners and their abilities are different.