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Adds proper puzzles to the Puzzle Canal in Vivec.

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Adds proper puzzles to the Puzzle Canal of Vivec. Not so much 'Daedric servants', who are in the minority, but definitely puzzles. There are five different puzzles, each relating to a different virtue: Daring, Sacrifice, Humility, Diplomacy and Surety (used in the archaic British sense, according to my OED) Completing each puzzle will earn you a relatively nice, but far from uber, piece of enchanted armor.

The prizes are NOT uber or particularly 'useful' to players in a way other gear is not, so remember that the 'reward' is really knowing that you've completed the puzzle. (Some of them I tried to make very hard, others are not so much). For this reason, I strongly recommend you DO NOT LOOK IN THE CS FOR THE SOLUTIONS. To do so would just make this mod pretty worthless for you.

Hopefully the puzzles are hard enough to make this worthwhile.

If you solve them very easily, you were just too clever. Don't complain. ;)

Version 1.1

- Fixed idiotic CTD. The first fifteen downloaders will need to redownload.