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About this mod

This is a pack of 12 different types of epv colored efx that go across 4 different epv color slots
Use up to 8 at once per armor

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[ Description ]

This mod is for different player efx

Here is a list of IDs for armor
Use this to add more epvs to different armor
Change from f to m for the male armor

Requires stracker nativePC loader found here.

[ Installation ]
- Unzip the file
- Copy and paste nativePC folder to your MHW directory (C:\Program Files(x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Monster Hunter World)
- It won't work unless you use Stracker Loader

[ To Uninstall ]
- Navigate to nativePC\vfx\efx and delete or rename the folder "local_body"
 nativePC\pl\f_equip\pl029_0011\body and delete or rename the folder "epv" (Odogaron b+)
 nativePC\pl\f_equip\pl076_0000\body and delete or rename the folder "epv" (Harvest "Gore Magala")
 nativePC\pl\f_equip\pl107_0000\body and delete or rename the folder "epv" (Zinogre a+)

Mix and match the efx you use:
Make any combination of efx from the list below


elecA[X] *
fireA[X] *
particlesA[X] *

eyetrailA[X] *
hornA[X] - hornT[X]
haloA[X] *

wingsA[X] *
wingsB[X] *
backA - backH

* The first record in the epv of given Gore/Zin/Odo epvs is for the body. The second is for the head.
That is the reason why it uses a -50 in position for fire in the second record for the Gore epv
With this epv
You can use the following on the first record: aura, wings, horns, fire horns, tail, halo, eye trail, electric aura, holosash, and back decal
You can use the following on the second record: fire and particles
* If you don't use fire or particles on the second record you can use a 0 on the position and add the halo, horns, fire horns, and/or eye trail to it instead

* I use [X] in place of 1 - 4 and using an * by ones that you can use a black attribute by the name followed by Black (like elecABlack).
* If you want black horns you can use the epv color to make them.
   I made options for wings because it contains more than models so it wouldn't make all of it black

* The holo sash uses the handler's grand appreciation fest sash with custom textures so it is easy to replace with your own designs
Edit the sash_BM, sash_EM and sash_XM. Make sure that BM and EM match

* The horns can use the default textures if you use an efx slotted to an unused epv slot or having the saturation be 0

* AuraA are armor and weapons and AuraB are armor only

* WingsA is the textured version and WingsB is the glowing version

Editing the efx used, colors, icons, and models:
Basic thing to editing epv
  • Swap to the full armor to turn it on
  • Swap away and back to test any epv updates

Use the EPV Editor to change the color and efx
For adding new epv color slots
  • make sure to use a unique efx slot number (1-4) inside of the record
  • make the saturation 1

Small tutorial by Asterisk

Using A better MHW Texture Converter you can create your own back or holo sash decal
For a custom back decal
  • Make a tex file 
  • place it inside of nativePC\vfx\efx\local_body\tex
  • label it 1.tex - 8.tex for backA - backH
  • It requires a restart if you are trying new textures.
I recommend using all the slots when making/testingFor a custom holo sash decal
For a custom holo sash
  • Edit/make the sash_BM, sash_EM and sash_XM
  • Make sure that BM and EM match
  • check that the custom texture aligns with the model uvs in blender/maya
Tex files must be a power of two (256 x 256, 512 x 512, 1024 x 1024, 512 x 1024, whatever)

Using Blender and the Mod3 Importer-Exporter you can replace any of the wings/horns with a different model by do the following
  • keep note of the wing/horn model you replaced and use the right efx
  • remove the wing/horn uvs
  • join the meshes
  • delete the wing/horns
  • place the model where it should rest on the head
  • delete any bones in vertex groups
  • change the material to match your model

Q & A:

Q: Does it work for male | why don't you have any for male?
A: It does, change the f to m on the epv3 | I'm lazy

Q: What is that purple armor and where is from?
A: It is the Nephilim Female and it is here it is

Q: Why are most of the efx blue?
A: Lazy in getting the video for the previews

Q: The last 4 efx won't show up, why?
A: You probably have the helmet hidden

Q: It broke with the update. Can you please fix?
A: It didn't. Stracker's Loader needs to be updated. Please have some patience or I will block you

Q: Can you add X efx?
A: Maybe. I don't want to stay on this project too long. I want to get to weapons and other stuff but I'll probably revisit my mods eventually

Q: I made an edit to texture/model, can I upload it?
A: Sure, just upload your edit and link to this if you didn't do any efx edits

Q: I added it to another armor but it didn't work, what went wrong?
A: Do you have Stracker's Loader properly installed?
    Did you use the list for armor IDs to rename it properly?
    Did you put it in the proper folder?
    If you answered yes to all 3 I can't help you any further without screenshots of folders
    MHW directory, the epv folder, and the local_body folder for starters
    I can't and won't help if you don't provide these

Thanks to:
Stracker for Stracker's Loader
JodoZT for MHWNoChunk tool and A better MHW Texture Converter
Asterisk for the EPV Editor and Mod3 Importer
ICE for the efx Template
Silvris for the wing models