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  1. headshet
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    This version of HunterPie is no longer maintained, all my efforts are going towards HunterPie v2, an overlay that supports both MHW and MHR (and will support future games as well).

    It is still possible to use this version of HunterPie however no new features nor bug fixes will be released for v1.
  2. headshet
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    • 53 kudos
    Hello, thanks for all the suggestions! I'll keep this post pinned with the most common questions/suggestions:

    1 - HunterPie crashing on startup?

    If you use RivaTuner make sure to update it to the latest version, it has a bug that makes HunterPie crash because it uses Direct3D. Also make sure you have Microsoft .NET Framework 4.8 on your computer, you can download it from Microsoft's website. If none of those are your problem, verify if your Firewall isn't blocking HunterPie from updating itself or if your Antivirus isn't messing with it.
    2 - I'm getting an error about not being mapped
    Due to how HunterPie works, I have to map all static memory addresses manually, it usually takes ~20 mins up to 2 hours depending on the Monster Hunter World update. Also, always make sure auto-update is enabled after we get a new MHW update, so HunterPie can always get the latest files.

    3 - Can I translate HunterPie?
    Sure, just make sure to read the localization documentation to know how to get started.

    4 - My overlay isn't appearing for me
    • DirectX 11: Make sure your game is either in borderless fullscreen or windowed mode, otherwise the overlay won't be visible on top of the game.
    • DirectX 12: It does work in fullscreen, make sure you have your overlay and whatever widgets you want enabled in HunterPie's settings.

    5 - I'm getting FPS drops

    HunterPie has a couple of settings to decrease resources usage:
    • Disable Hardware Acceleration: Disabling hardware acceleration will force HunterPie to use the CPU to render it's components, removing the stress on your graphics card. This option will make everything smoother for some computers at cost of a little bit more of CPU.
    • Decrease animations framerate: HunterPie is really animation heavy, so decreasing the animation framerate will definitely make it use even less resources.
    • Disable widgets that you don't want: Disabling widgets you don't want will make HunterPie have less stuff to render.
    • Increase scan delay: Increasing the scan delay will make HunterPie read the game memory less times per second, the default is 150 ms, which means it will scan the memory once every 150 ms (6 scans per second).

    Attention: If you use GSync/FreeSync there's nothing I can do for now, WPF (HunterPie's UI framework) has a known issue that is still in their list of to-be-fixed stuff.
    6 - Can I resize and move widgets with my mouse instead of changing the X, Y coordinates manually?
    Yes! A design mode was introduced on version, now you can press ScrollLock (you can change the keybind in HunterPie settings too) to enable design mode when the game is running. Use your left mouse button to move widgets around and your mouse scroll to rescale them individually. Also MAKE SURE the monster widget has content inside it when you're resizing it, so you can preview the changes.

    7 - I can't see my buffs in the buff widget
    The abnormalities widget doesn't work out of the box, you have to choose which buffs/debuffs you want that bar to show. Please make sure to read this.
    8 - I can't see monster parts
    Due to how the game works, only the quest leader can see the monster parts while the other members have access only to the flinch/break counter information.

    9 - My Discord status isn't showing my in-game activity
    Make sure you have it enabled in HunterPie settings. Also make sure you have the Display currently running game as a status message option enabled on your Discord. If none of those are your problem, run HunterPie as adminstrator.
    10 - My game is flickering with white beam lights
    That's a problem with NVidia drivers and seems to only happen in DirectX 12, roll back your NVidia graphics driver to an older version (442.74 seems to be working fine).

    11 - I can't see my damage
    The game doesn't store player's damage in memory when you're in offline mode, expedition, guiding lands, or in certain quests (e.g: Zorah Magdaros and Kulve Taroth siege). It also doesn't store damages that your party have done to monsters that aren't part of your quest objective. That's not a bug, it's just how the game works.

    12 - About Charge Blade, Insect Glaive, Gun Lance buffs:
    That's already in development, every class will get it's own class helper widget, that will display useful information about your weapon. Join Discord if you want to see the work in progress of this new widget.
    13 - Switch Axe timer doesn't start counting from 90 when using power prolonger
    That's a known issue and is just how the game works, the timer doesn't increase by power prolonger, it actually increases the timespan between countdowns. So instead of going 90 -> wait one second -> 89 -> wait one second -> 88 and so on, it works as 45 -> waits two seconds -> 44.
    HunterPie Documentation: Click Here

    HunterPie frequent questions: Click Here
    Feel free to join HunterPie's Discord: Click Here

    You can see the planned and in-development features here:
  3. HelianEdoran
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    Hi, the mod seems to work fine however my game keeps crashing whilst it's running. Any ideas as to why this is?
    1. Osanai
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      me too. After i just download the latest version cause of this last update.
      Previous version works fine.
    2. habibiMullahthe3rd
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      Same as Osanai, game crashes when 
      1) a quest starts
      2) tab-ing in and out works often, sometimes not (crash)
      3) canceling a quest

      E: thanks for the quick reply headshet!
      E#2: Problem persists sadly, will wait for a Stracker's Loader update.
    3. headshet
      • supporter
      • 53 kudos
      HunterPie's Native features relies on CRCBypass, this last update broke how Stracker's Loader is injected into the game, which also means CRCBypass isn't injected either, gotta wait for Stracker to officially update their loader, but as a temporary workaround you can rename the dtdata.dll to hid.dll in your MHW folder. You'll have to update Stracker's when stracker release an official patch though by the way.
  4. vietboy
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    I'm not sure about the guys before me, but it works flawlessly for me as of 2024. Thank you for the good overlay. I might switch the V2, but for now this is wonderful. Ty
  5. zeRk57
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    won't let me uncheck read only so I can't edit settings, very strange still good mod tho
  6. HoriHoru
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    where is hotkey?
  7. kelik1337
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    documentation for v2 says that monster parts should have red = severable, - orange/yellow = breakable, and blue is flinch threshhold. all parts for me seem to only appear as either severable (red) or flinch threshold (blue) why am i not getting any indications of breakable parts?
  8. Genesis1993
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  9. SeikeiroX
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    For MHW: Not sure if this is intended or a bug, but I had a issue if the monster are the same targets. EX: Hunt 2 Bazelgeuse, whenever I kill the first Bazel the next Bazels HP bar doesn't show up. I had "Show only target" option enabled since other non target monsters HP bar kinda bothers me since there's 3 HP bars on my screen. is there like a option where the HP bars only shows up when I'm near the monster target? 
  10. Jeran21
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    The images in the mod description are broken for me, otherwise mod is working great.

    If you're a user with a variable refresh rate monitor (i.e. g-sync compatible), you probably know that HunterPie breaks VRR. As a workaround, I was able to use HunterPie while retaining VRR by moving every overlay element to my secondary monitor. Bit of an obvious solution but I'm confirming that it works.
  11. ReemerBrain
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    For those that want to use this version of HunterPie like me and make it work with the update from 2023/Nov/14:

    1. Create a text file in the following path:{Path to HunterPie folder}/address/´╗┐
    2. Copy the contents from:
    {Path to HunterPie folder}/address/
    and paste them in the file from step 1.

    3. Enjoy
    1. limoon
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      copy the file then rename it to 421652 works too.
    2. NergalSlayer
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      What did the update broke ?
      I had both the timers and dps meter working fine before doing the changes (hunterpie also work fine after the changes you said) so I was curious about what did'nt work after the update (I'm not using every options proposed by this mod and haven't tried it on all map before dong the changes so I'm probably missing something)
  12. T4cticalGiraffe
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    dang I chose a bad time to replay MHW lol gotta love crapcom for unnecessary updates that break mods. really like the mod, hope someone posts a manual fix or the mod is updated. 

    Edit: wow i need to read more, didnt notice v2 works with Rise AND World.
  13. Borakdag
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    Crapcom broke this mod again.