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#Works with Sunbreak/TU1 (Aug 11)#

Skip carve timer and quest ending animation!
Customizable buttons and settings!
Autodetects d2d plugin for extra functionality!

Permissions and credits
### Carve Timer Skip & Fast Return ###
(Formerly Better Than Hanging)

Works with Sunbreak Demo! Make sure to get latest REFramework for it to work!

RE Framework script to skip the end of quest return timer and/or the animation after the timer.
You can now return to your wyverian waifus in SECONDS.

I also bundled a bunch of Lua tables for keybinds, feel free to use them in your mods!

Also make sure to check out Bolt's killcam skip and slow-mo mod based on my code!
Remove Monster Kill-Cam Plus Stylish Slowmo Finishers

Please consider buying me a coffee to sip while I cook up some more mods:

### Installation ###

0.a. Download and Install RE Framework

0.b Download and Install the d2d plugin for RE Framework

1. Extract the .zip into your MH Rise root directory
e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Monster Hunter Rise
- You should have both bth.lua and the bth folder in <MH RISE ROOT>\reframework\autorun

### Usage ###

If the script is loaded properly, the RE Framework GUI (Insert to open by default) will show
"Fast Return Settings" to open the mod's settings under Script Generated UI

A chat message will show during the carve timer to tell you which buttons you can use to skip the carve timer and/or the animation that follows.

If enabled in the settings, using the default keys HOME/L3 (countdown) or END/R3 (animation) will also skip them.
You can also setup keybinds and autoskip in the settings.
Key/Button combos are also supported: just hold the desired combination for a few seconds.

If you have the d2d plugin installed, a d2d window will pop up during the carve timer. You can tweak its position, size, etc. in the settings!

Your settings are autosaved, enjoy!

### FAQ ###

Q: Does this work with Sunbreak?
A: Yes, it works! Make sure to get the latest REFramework and d2d plugins.

Q: I'm getting a WIC error, what do?
A: You probably have the d2d functionality enabled, but didn't extract the images folder properly.

Q: Vortex doesn't work?
A: Unfortunately vortex unpacks the archive in a weird way. I'd recommend manual install over mod managers.

Q: The reframework 1.1.1 update broke this plugin, wat do?
A: Make sure you update your paths to work with the new reframework paths.
Old path: <MH RISE ROOT>/autorun
New path: <MH RISE ROOT>/reframework/autorun

Q: I'm getting a black screen when skipping the timer/animation. Is this a bug?
A: No, this is intended behaviour by the game and happens only in multiplayer. The host will always wait for clients to catch up before the rewards screen. This happens even without the mod when the host's post countdown animation finishes earlier.