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Adds slow mo on final hit, but also maybe more importantly removes the annoying monster kill cam that does some cutscene from a few different views as the monster dies.
Sunbreak Compatible.

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I had an idea, so I did it, and it's pretty cool.

Sunbreak Compatible.

The main features of this mod are:
  • Disables the aerial view of the monster from different angles after killing them.
  • Disable UI after killing monster.
  • Disables fast travel cutscene cam and end of quest cam (like petting your buddies etc.)
  • Enters slow motion for a certain duration of time after the last blow on the monster.


1) REFramework V1.1.1 or Greater´╗┐

1) Install REFramework;
2) Download the mod;
3) Extract the folder from the archive and place it in MonsterHunterRise folder.

Final path to the mod should be like this: MonsterHunterRise/reframework/autorun/NoKillCam+SlowMo.lua

You can change the values through the REFramework UI but idk how to make those save so, the file NoKillCam+SlowMo.lua file has some values for customization. Open it with any text editor, adjust and change values in Customization Section according to your preference. 
The effect of each option is explained there.


-Apparently works fine in multiplayer, but there's an option to use slow mo online or not. You should not get banned for using this script at all though.
-If using disableOtherCams, it can be slightly glitchy with fast travel camera transitions.

Thanks to the dev(s) over at REFramework for making the tool to allow this to happen at all.
Godoakos with their mod Quest End Skip´╗┐ mod for reference on detecting quest end and getting input from controllers etc.
chenjr0719 for contributing the persistent settings update on the github.
elmodor for contributing some fixes to capture stuff and some other things 

Project Github.

I'm Bolt#6265 on the Disco