Monster Hunter Rise
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Unlocks the framerate cap in cutscenes.
Can also set your image quality higher than 150%.

Permissions and credits
- Allows cutscenes to be viewed without the 30 fps cap.
- Automatically uses your in-game Framerate Cap setting.
- Forces the game to use a custom Image Quality scale instead of the preset in-game options.



1. REFramework

1. Custom In-Game Mod Menu API

Installation (Script):
1. Extract contents of zip to the game folder, overwrite if needed. (eg. steam/steamapps/common/MonsterHunterRise)
2. Change settings in-game with the REFramework Menu or Bolt's in-game Mod Menu. (Script Generated UI>RiseTweaks)
3. If you need to use your own framerate instead of the in-game options, uncheck Automatic Frame Rate (Not recommended)

Don't set either to 0 unless you want to crash.

The settings are fully changeable in-game via Script Generated UI.


DLL (No longer supported from update Ver. but still available in archives for people playing old versions of the game)

This is identical to Dytser's FPS and Resolution Unlocker, but the cheat table is still a good fallback in case this ever fails to work.

Doesn't require Cheat Engine and launches with the game.

1. REFramework (For Integrity Check Bypass)

Installation (DLL):
1. Extract contents of zip to game installation root, overwrite if needed. (eg. Steam\steamapps\common\MonsterHunterRise)
2. Open RiseTweaks.ini in Notepad or a text editor of your choice.
3. Set FrameLimit and ImageQuality to your preferred values. (eg. FrameLimit=60 | ImageQuality=1.5)
4. Ensure REFramework is installed otherwise you will crash after integrity checks.
5. If you had the first version installed, delete hid.dll.

Don't set either to 0 unless you want to crash.

Known bugs:
- If you take longer than 25 seconds to launch the game window, you will instantly crash.

Settings and what they do:

Enabled - Use the Frame Uncap feature.
FrameLimit - What your preferred fps value is.
Auto - Let the plugin check your game's config file on launch to determine your frame limit.

Enabled - Use the Image Quality feature.
ImageQuality - What your preferred scaling value is.

Thank you Fexty and Aster from the Modding Discord for putting up with my goopy goblin brain for hours