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Made using pointers so hopefully shouldnt change between launches/DX versions.

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This is the Cheat engine table version to unlock the framerate (or lock rather) to higher framerates in cutscenes as well as Visual Super sampling too.

I suggest people take a look at MistressAshai's RiseTweaks plugins instead of this mod.
Especially since that will be a superior option the moment crashes are sorted out over having to use a table.

Or you can use this mod while the crash issues are fixed but do make sure to give them a download and support too as it was their method that let me find and turn the FPS into a pointer in the first place.

How to use and description:
Like with any other table, press the computer icon in top left when loading up the table. Then hook into MH rise. Then just activate whichever one you want and use it as you please.

Made using Pointers so editing these will now make what is actually writing to the adresses of the FPS and Resolution scaling modifiers.
Remember to make sure you click the "active" button next to the FPS to lock it after setting it to a desired amount.
Check the reference picture to see what to do with it.

Was intending to do this the moment i realized the cutscenes were rendering in engine just capped for some arbitrary reason. However seeing the new table released not using pointers and not working for many i figured i just do it now instead of during the weekend.

Now we can finally get capcoms game to live up to that promise on the store page of the port

MistressAshai for explaining their initial methodology to find the local adress which could then be used to find the pointer in the table.
lynnmarie for explaining her methodology to find the local adress for the Super sampling/resolution scaler adress which also got turned into a pointer.