Middle Earth: Shadow of War

About this mod

Revitalising the visuals closer to the films and to modern standards.

Permissions and credits
With special thanks to:

& Kevin Baird's video for inspiring me to get into LOTR again, which lead me here!

And now, you :D


Tolkien's Vision is a ReShade mod for ME: Shadow Of War, reconfiguring the visuals to cinematic sugar-free eye candy. Inspired by the films! Essential for bringing a new spark of life to the game if you're to play it today.
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  1. Download and install ReShade (accept all the default settings)
  2. Download and open Tolkien's Vision
  3. Copy and paste or extract the contents of the folder to the “x64” folder in the game directory, replacing files if prompted.
To easily locate the game directory in Steam: right-click the game — Properties — Local Files — Browse
4. Adjust in-game brightness (check FAQ beneath)

What is ReShade?
ReShade is a small program for gamers to edit the visuals of games to their liking, I'm sharing my settings with you to easily download and play the game.

Do I need to change any video settings to use the mod?
You may find the in-game brightness slider needs changing (usually brighter) ignoring the reference image above the slider. Furthermore, if your hardware can take the load, then install the High-Resolution Texture Pack DLC and change the Texture Quality to Ultra as well as all other video settings.

Will it cause lag or slow down my game?
As lightweight as I've attempted to make the mod, it may impact your fps. This is mostly dependent on your hardware. I've spent many hours on this trying to find the best between quality and performance, so there's not much more to do if you're lagging other than lower your graphical settings in-game. You can try enabling “Performance Mode” on ReShade, but I find it actually doesn't make a difference.

Help! The game still looks the same?
It's likely ReShade hasn't installed with the selected Tolkien's Vision profile. Relaunch the ReShade installer you downloaded and configure the preset path to the “Tolkien's Vision.ini” file in your “x64” folder.

Help! ReShade says “texture failed to load, V__PandaFX___NoiseTex.”
Don't worry, this is normal, it's from an unused effect and path.

What if I don't like it and want to uninstall it?
It's very easy to uninstall and remove from your PC.

  1. Locate the game directory, then open the “x64” folder.
  2. Delete the “reshade-shaders” folder as well as “Tolkien.ini, “dxgi.dll”, “dxgi.log”, “Reshade.ini” and “ReshadeGUI.ini”