MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries
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Tired of being 1 salvage share away from that mech you headshot? Slap your employer in the face with C-Bills and take it anyway!

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Works with game version: 1.1.338


Download and unzip the main file. Place the unzipped folder containing a mod.json, Paks folder, etc. into the Mods folder of your MW5 installation (discard the Nexus created folder that has numbers at the end of the mod name). You can go in-game to Mods at the main menu and click the Manual-install folder if you're having trouble finding it. Final install path should look like Mechwarrior5\MW5Mercs\Mods\PurchaseSalvage

  • Allows going over allocated salvage shares for a fee
  • Select all/none checkbox for convenience
  • Automatically applies shares to the most expensive items and splits the difference
  • Cost per share depends on the the item's value
  • Adds a configurable penalty to an item's cost for each "borrowed" share
  • Fee adjusted depending on faction standing
  • Options to modify C-Bill and Salvage Share penalties (values must be set before starting a mission)

Download Mod Options to configure options in-game

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For users not using ModOptions or having other issues

*No actual slapping occurs in this mod