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About this mod

Mech' combat in virtual reaity! This mod enables both SteamVR based and Oculus based headsets. Step inside the mech' cockpit, become a real Mech Warrior.

Permissions and credits
Enjoy the trailer made by ragesaq! Watch it on YouTube by clicking HERE

- Need to download new updated MW5Compatibility!
- Melee may cause nausea more than usual, be careful with that please.
- "Swap mechs" feature is breaking the mod currently, please avoid using it for now.
- With new HUD layout Tweak HUD may work incorrectly.
- Please read the changelog, a lot of new stuff arrived.
- If you don't see any new features in gameplay options, delete VRWARRIORsettings.json in %localappdata%/Mw5Mercs/Saved.
- If some keybinds don't work, delete Input.ini in %localappdata%/Mw5Mercs/Saved/Config
- Update on multiplayer. See Gameplay Notes.
- All gameplay settings take effect after mission restart.

MW5Compatibility mod is required!

Please read the instructions carefully and to the end!
Most of your questions might be anwsered here.

Troubleshooting included!

How to get the mod running:

 If you got the game from Steam:
1) Download the mods zips (VRWarrior and MW5 Mod Compatibility), extract them, drop VRWARRIOR and MW5Compatibility folders in Mods folder in your MW5Mercs directory, ie:
steamapps\common\MechWarrior 5 Mercenaries\MW5Mercs\Mods

then activate them from the Mod menu inside the game.
2) Go to game properties in your Steam library
3) Type in the launch option according to your headsets runtime
SteamVR runtime, eg: Vive/Vive Pro/Cosmos/Valve Index/All WMR devices/Pimax/Quest1/2 via Virtual Desktop users:
 -allowhmd -d3d12

Oculus runtime, eg: Rift CV1, Rift S, Quest 1/2 via Link/AirLink

 If you got the game from Epic Games Store
1) Download the mods zips (VRWarrior and MW5 Mod Compatibility), extract them, drop VRWARRIOR and MW5Compatibility folders in Mods folder in your MW5Mercs
directory, ie:
Epic Games\MW5Mercs\MW5Mercs\mods
then activate them from the mod menu inside the game
2) Go to Settings in EGS, open Mechwarrior 5 Mercenaries tab, tick “Additional Command Line arguments”
3) Type in the launch option according to your headsets runtime:
SteamVR, eg: Vive/Vive Pro/Cosmos/Valve Index/All WMR devices/Pimax/Quest1/2 via Virtual Desktop users:
-allowhmd -d3d12

Oculus, eg: Rift CV1, Rift S, Quest 1/2 via Link/AirLink


If you got the game from Windows/Xbox Store

1) Download the mods zip (VRWarrior and MW5 Mod Compatibility), extract them, drop VRWARRIOR and MW5Compatibility folders in Mods folder in your MW5Mercs directory, ie:
then activate it from the mod menu inside the game
2) Download MW5VR-WindowsStoreLaunchzip
3) Extract this zip and run the appropriate shortcut as admin
SteamVR runtime, eg: Vive/Vive Pro/Cosmos/Valve Index/All WMR devices/Pimax/Quest1/2 via Virtual Desktop users

Oculus runtime, eg: Rift CV1, Rift S, Quest 1/2 via Link/AirLink

Launch the game with specified parameters. Do not launch the game from inside the headset, otherwise it will launch it in theatre mode. Use shortcut or desktop steam launch button (related to SteamVR)

If you're using the Oculus runtime (Rift S/Quest with Link/AirLink) you probably need to tick the "Alternate VR Origin" setting right away in Gameplay tab in game options, you can find VRWarrior-related options on the bottom of the gameplay tab. (If the "MW5 Mod Compatibility" mod is active!)

- The mod currently supports ONLY MECH COMBAT, it DOESN'T work outside mech, mechlab, starmap, etc. It won't show ANYTHING after game launch, that is normal. Picture will only appear after you enter your mech!
In order to access escape menu you need to exit VR by pressing alt+num5 keys. That's a flatscreen UI processing inconveience.
-         First in-mission VR enter may take several seconds. Please let it load.
-         Features “Attached to HMD” are experimental!
-         Even experienced players may get nauseated, the geometry of movement differs from typical cockpit sims. So
safety precaution, if you feel nausea, headache, eyestrain, dizziness or any
other discomfort, please stop playing and take a rest.
-         Crosshairs disappear in Zoom window sometimes. This bug is known, reasons unknown, we are trying to fix it.
If you enable "Instant VR" option, you will have to manually reset position after mission launch. Awaiting a fix.
Flashing HUD elements on mission start are unfortunately not removable. There are certain limitations. Due to the nature of blueprints design there have to be some delays between certain things. 
-         The mod is in VERY early beta, so bugs expected.
-There is some scale conflict happening so your movement ratio does not match the expected in-cockpit movement, making it "pseudo-3dof".
UPDATE: You can now enable VR in mech bay, but be sure to disable it before going to any other menu like mechlab or starmap or anything else. Including "Escape" menu
- UPDATE: Multiplayer works fine with native SteamVR devices. With runtime mixing (Oculus and SteamVR headsets in the same party) it needs to be launched with additional -d3d12 params to be identical. Will be more stable with VR Auto-Enter off. If still kicked to main meny, try reconnecting into the mission. Need to test various combinations of headsets in the same party. (Oculus+Oculus, WMR+SteamVR, etc.). Also make sure that all members of the party exit VR before finishing the mission, otherwise will be kept in VR. In that case you let party leader decide on salvage and after that spam Spacebar until get back to hangar and then exit VR manually by alt+num5
You can find several mod Options in Gameplay tab in Game Options at its very bottom. Each option is
provided with a tooltip. Changing any option requires mission restart to take effect. Some of them may require full mission abort.

VR Related controls: (You will need them)
alt + num5: Enter/Exit VR
ctrl + num5: Reset VR Position and orientation
alt + num+/-: Adjust HUD distance (saved between missions)
alt + Num7: Debug window toggle

You can also create a second binding to several VR functions in gameplay options as
well, for joystick/HOTAS for example. You can find them is Controls options. PLEASE do not change primary controls, add custom ones as secondary binding in a non-occupied slot.

Known issues and possible solutions:

    If the game crashes or has picture in one eye or has poor performance 
-  Make sure you are using the correct launch options for your VR platform and store.
-  Be sure to disable Fidelity FX and RTX, lower graphical settings (yes this is VERY MUCH related to crashes and one-eye rendering issue) and use DLSS set to Balanced or Performance (or ultra performance if lower spec'd system) and lower your supersampling level. Newer high res headsets like the HP Reverb/G2, Quest 2, or Vive Pro 2 are likely to need to set supersampling to under 60%. This game was not designed with VR performance needs in mind and was not optimized for the additional rendering workloads that VR bring.
-  If nothing helps (or weird graphical glitches/snow/oversharpening happens), try deleting config files so game generates fresh new ones. And after that lower settings and disable FidelityFX and RTX once again. (That actually is recommended to do anyway for the first mod launch just to be sure everything is fine) Config files can be found in:
C:\Users\yourname\Appdata\Local\MW5Mercs\Saved\Config\ or %localappdata%\MW5Mercs\Saved\Config\
-  NVIDIA DLSS (built into Unreal/MW5) and AMD FSR (Use can make a significant performance improvement at minimal to no quality loss, recommended even for top end graphics cards. Experiment with quality/balanced settings in DLSS or an FSR value of 70.

    At mission start VR camera is "under the roof" or 2m higher than needed, etc (potentially Rift S headsets)
In gameplay options enable "Alternate Origin", save and restart the game.

   Targeting is way off
-         Try resetting your position by pressing VR Reset button (ctrl+Num5 by default). Currently targeting has some parallaxing issues, needs tuning.

    Game goes out of focus and loses control inputs with multiple display setup
-         Preferable solution: check the game display mode, should be fullscreen.
-         Press Windows+P, choose “PC-only”. After playing, choose “Extend” back.
-         Use 3rd party software.

   There are no VRWarrior related options in Gameplay tab in game options, or VR related keys are not working

- Check if "MW5 Mod compatibility" mod is enabled.
- Mod related settings are at the bottom of the Gameplay tab (as well as several keybinds for the mod in Controls tab.)

    HUD is smearing or "ghosting"
-Disable "Motion smoothing" in VR software settings
-Disable "Motion Blur" in game settings
-You can try using a lower resolution setting like 1200x768.

   Can't see the escape menu, its too big and in one eye only
- Exit VR by pressing alt+num5 and then you can access is as usual on your display. Escape menu is a flat-rendered UI element that can not be shown in VR directly. Same goes for all other UI menus like Mechlab, Store, etc.
    MW5Compat loaded, VRWARRIOR enabled, VR Software launched, but headset is still showing black screen (or "MW5-Shipping_Windows" titlecard) after mission launch.
-Check if you have other mods enabled. Despite it saying there are no conflicts, there might be referencing issues and other stuff with some mods. If you find an incompatible mod, please report it in the forum section! YAML and MercTech are currently not supported but we're working on it. 

    My mech is rotating without me around me like I'm floating inside of it.
- Restart your PC. Seriously.
- Use alt+num5 to enter and exit VR manually.
- If that does not help, toggle the mod off and on with proper game restarts. Or even better delete everything and add all mods once again.

If you followed the instructions correctly but still have problems with the mod, we will be happy to help you in Flat 2VR Discord server.


Does VRWARRIOR support motion controllers?
VRWARRIOR does not implement motion controller support, you will continue to use your existing mouse/keyboard/joystick/gamepad setup to control Mechwarrior 5 while in VR.

Does VRWARRIOR not put the Main Menu, Mission Selection, Mechlab or other 2d menus in VR?
VRWARRIOR was made to put you inside the cockpit in VR to play this game in the most immersive way possible. A large hurdle in getting this implemented was recreating the mechs UI in VR as the existing one didn't work at all.
The feasibility of getting every single 2d menu/option/aspect created into a VR user interface is still being determined.

Is VRWARRIOR compatible with other mods?
VRWARRIOR modifies very few assets and all of which are required to work.
MW5Compatibility is required to allow other mods to work. Most mods should be compatible.

Will this work with TrackIR? That also needs headtracking
No, TrackIR is not VR and the way to implement something like that is completely different and unrelated to VR.

Special thanks to:
- Ragesaq for testing, troubleshooting, media and massive support
- Orchido for QA
- Elliottate for support and Discord server
- Silas Aurelius for very first testing and keeping the development running on its first stages
- Yrrot for a great amount of modding support
- MagnumGB for support on MW5Compatibility pack and MercTech
- Mechwarrior community, MW5Modders and VRWARRIOR Beta testers
- PGI for enabling VR Plugins in the editor and in the game