MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries

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The mod adds 66 lore-based mech variants to the game.

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I keep this brief, this mod adds 66 lore-based mech variants to the game:

  • Flea FLE-4
  • Flea FLE-14
  • Flea FLE-16
  • Locust LCT-1Vb
  • Locust LCT-3M
  • Commando COM-5S
  • Spider SDR-7M
  • UrbanMech UM-R63
  • Javelin JVN-11A
  • Javelin JVN-11B
  • Panther PNT-9ALAG
  • Panther PNT-10K
  • Wolfhound WLF-2
  • Raven RVN-3M
  • Cicada CDA-3F
  • Vulcan VT-5M
  • Vulcan VT-5S
  • Vindicator VND-3L
  • Blackjack BJ-1DB
  • Blackjack BJ-2
  • Hunchback II HBK-2
  • Enforcer ENF-5D
  • Kintaro KTO-19b
  • Dervish DV-6Md
  • Shadowhawk SHD-2Hb
  • Wolverine WVR-7D
  • Wolverine WVR-7K
  • Jagermech JM6-DG
  • Champion CHP-3N
  • Grand Dragon DRG-1G
  • Grand Dragon DRG-5K
  • Rifleman RFL-4D
  • Rifleman RFL-5D
  • Rifleman RFL-5M
  • Thunderbolt TDR-5SE
  • Thunderbolt TDR-5Sd
  • Thunderbolt TDR-7M
  • Thunderbolt TDR-9S
  • Archer ARC-2S
  • Archer ARC-2K
  • Archer ARC-4M
  • Archer ARC-5S
  • Warhammer WHM-6Rk
  • Warhammer WHM-6K
  • Warhammer WHM-7K
  • Warhammer WHM-7M
  • Warhammer WHM-7S
  • Marauder MAD-2R
  • Marauder MAD-3D
  • Marauder MAD-3M
  • Marauder MAD-5M
  • Marauder.MAD-5S
  • Cataphract CTF-3L
  • Thug THG-10E
  • Thug THG-11E
  • Awesome AWS-9Q
  • Battlemaster BLR-1Gb
  • Battlemaster BLR-3S
  • Banshee BNC-5S
  • Nightstar NSR-9FC
  • Stalker STK-5S
  • Stalker STK-5M
  • King Crab KGC-001
  • King Crab KGC-010
  • Atlas AS7-S
  • Atlas II AS7-D-H
  • Atlas II AS7-D-H2

- Added Jagermech JM6-DG

- Added Hunchback II HBK-2

- Fixed clipping issue with the Thug THG-10E & THG-11E

- Added Locust LCT-1Vb, Locust LCT-3M, Raven RVN-3M, Tunderbolt TDR-9S, Stalker STK-5M
- Lowered Flea FLE-14 tonnage to 15t

- Added King Crab KGC-010

- Added Flea FLE-14 (now properly jump capable with jump jet flame and without busting into pieces)
- Added Cicada CDA-3F jump jet flame
- Removed left torso missile launcher remains on Atlas II for good
(Note: Atlas II, Cicada CDA-3F and Flea FLE-14 have their own category in "Instant Action")

- Made changes to the Atlas II hardpoints (Reskinned gunpod and can be colored now, added blank to left shoulder)
- Updated SHS-Version to 1.93

- Added traits to Thug THG-10E & THG-11E
- Improved Thug paperdoll outlines for better visibility

- Fixed indestructible legs on Thug THG-10E & THG-11E

- Changed ballistic hardpoint on Atlas II
- Added "GentlePayload's" Thug THG-10E & THG-11E

- Changed all Atlas II hardpoints to fit the original version
- Moved Grand Dragon laser hardpoint from left arm to right torso
- Fixed missing color schemes on some mechs

- Added Warhammer WHM-7M
- Moved WHM-7K left torso SSRM2 to right torso
- Added alternate version which treats all engine heatsinks as single heatsinks regardless of DHS-tag

- Added missing Streak Srm 2 to WHM-7K

- Added Flea FLE-4, Flea FLE-16, UrbanMech UM-R63, Wolfhound WLF-2, Vulcan VL-5S, Vindicator VND-3L, Dervish DV-6Md, Rifleman RFL-4D,
- Marauder MAD-2R, Marauder MAD-3D, Marauder MAD-5M, Marauder.MAD-5S, Battlemaster BLR-1Gb, Battlemaster BLR-3S, Nightstar NSR-9FC,
- Atlas AS7-S, Atlas II AS7-D-H, Atlas II AS7-D-H2 from MechVariety.

- Added Vulcan VL-5M, Wolverine WVR-7D, Champion CHP-3N

- Fixed ECM Tag not showing on some mechs
- Added Cicada CDA-3F, Enforcer ENF-5D, Cataphract CTF-3L

1.4 Release
- Added Banshee BNC-5S, Stalker STK-5S, King Crab KGC-001

1.3 Release
- Fixed missing color schemes on some mechs
- Fixed a bug with Thunderbolt TDR-5Sd not showing its UC5
- Added Javelin JVN-11A, Javelin JVN-11B, Archer ARC-2K, Archer ARC-4M, Warhammer WHM-7K, Warhammer WHM-7S, Awesome AWS-9Q

1.2 Release
- Added Commando COM-5S
- Fixed a bug with Grand Dragons not showing their arm weapons
- Fixed a bug with Kintaro 19b not showing its LRM15

1.1 Release
- Changed the folder name. Please, delete the old one.
- Fixed all Blackjack missile hardpoints. (Shouldn't clip anymore)
- Added all hidden color schemes to the mechs. Mod is now fully compatible with "UnlockHiddenColorSchemes"

If you use "Mech Variety" load it before my mod.
and use a Mod Manager to sort your load order.

"Mech Fixes"

- Fixed maximum armor allocation on all Stalkers

- Added heatsinkfix to Cicada CDA-3M, Cicada CDA-X5

1.1 release
- Fixed maximum armor allocation on all cicadas.

1.0 Initial Release

I've added an optional "mech fixes" file that fixes maximum armor allocation with all Jenners and moves the srm4 hardpoint
from the top to the lower center torso.

If you use "seriousheatsinkfix", load it before my mod. I've already made the necessary heatsink fixes to the JR7-O, CDA-3M, CDA-X5.

drop the folder into "....\MW5Mercs\MW5Mercs\Mods"

credits: (for the lore) (for the technical data)