MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries
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Adding an option to adjust the global game speed

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Current Version 1.00

This mod adds an option which allows you to adjust the global game speed.
Go to "OPTIONS" -> "GAMEPLAY SETTINGS" -> "GAME SPEED MULTIPLIER", choose your favourite speed.
Beware, the setting is active instantly, applying or cancelling has no influence.

The speed is set globally, influencing nearly all runtime speeds including but not limited to animations, particle system, player movement incl. turn rate, small changes usually give the best result.

Gameplay related speed like repair time or traveling time is NOT influenced.

Feel free to leave a comment.
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Make sure you use the latest version.

  • Game speed adjustment
    1. You can choose a multiplier value between 0.1 and 3.0, resulting in 10%-300% game speed.
    2. Extreme values are questionable of course, but maybe you like Benny Hill.

  • None

Copy unpacked folder to your game's mod folder and activate it in the in-game menu.

Known Issues
  • None

  • This mod is probably incompatible with most other mods that change the option menu or the bootstrap files.

  • Works with my other mods at least.

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