Mount & Blade: Warband

About this mod

This is based on Floris Expanded (Diplomacy, and many othere great mods) and Native, with new weapons, armor, textures, and new troops. I added many of the weapons and armor from native into Floris and fixed the overly dark and messed up textures in floris (such as the strange white and black chainmail). Now all of the items used by mercenaries (so

Permissions and credits
NOW v4.6.1 See Change log****You can now use the in battle tactics menu/mini-map properly!!!!, Great update*** This mod is based on Floris Expanded (which is a great mod combining many great mods such has Diplomacy etc.), but has many new troops, textures, weapons and armors. I have removed the overly DARK textures from Floris especially on the weapons and armor from Native MB. I have also added many of the items from Native into this mod, such as all of the Arming swords, and Bastard Swords.
Now all the amazing armour and weapons used by the Mercenaries (many many many items) in Floris are now available to the player, via purchase from shops or taken from bandits, new and old troops etc.

: I changed the dynamics of multiple in-game weapons, all POLEARMS are now MUCH more effective on and off horseback, with increased speed and damage, Many longswords are now both 1H and 2H.  Bows are much more accurate, as they were in native.

: Freelancer Troops have been extremely upgraded, you now have a HUGE selection of gear to choose for them, rather than the 3-5 variants before.

: I have rebuild MANY Towns, Castles, and Villages in an attempt to make each Siege unique, and interesting. Before almost every town battle had the same exact setup, this has been fixed. Now some Sieges require you to cross steams, charge through fields, or snowy valleys to get to the Castle... 
One of the most important upgrades to troops is the Manhunters, they no longer are Sarranid troops, they now look like manhunters and Jailers wearing gear from padded gambesons all the way up to heavy plate armor and Pigfaced Bascinets (and the Slaver Chiefs dont have those weird bugged up Elephants anymore either...) 

:Just to list of a few of the new Mercs and their upgrade tree: From A3 Merc Armbrust Soldner ->A4 Merc Archer         ->A5 Merc Marksman -> A6 Merc Expert Archer    And from Caravan Guard -> Merc Swordsman -> Hired Blad -> Sellsword.           Also  Caravan Guard -> Merc Horseman -> Merc Cavalry -> 1st choice Merc Knight or 2nd choice Merc Charger  -> Elite Knight or Gothic Warmonger Knight, its going to take you forever to level your troops enought to get one of these baddies, but if you can they are pretty tough (completely balanced tho!)

: I added many new Faction troops too, not just mercenaries! (and edited many many of the existing troops aswell)

: Retextured the ground (now including the distant and background terrain), and many armours / weapons. Now the bright white steel swords have a realistic color (Lairid, Senlac, Templar, Merc Swords etc)

: I decided to bring back most of the NATIVE loading screens and startup screens (but retextured) because I felt the Floris pictures didn't fit into the game at all.
: I also made it so you can see when its raining and IT CAN SNOW AGAIN I added new music and various other sounds.  --- I removed the annoying bug? where you had 2 suns in the sky.
:If you enjoy Native MB and you enjoy Floris Expanded you will love this mod! 

: Updated to ver 1.1  Updates include 40 New unique Armour pieces, I re-textured all of the White Steel Swords (Merc Sword, Lairid Sword, Senlac, ritter, templar, etc to now have a realistic Steel color rather than a bright, pure white like before (Refer to images). Updated the equipment of 2 Kings and multiple lords with some of the new armour.
: Now with Men at Arms armour.
: Now I added FEMALE meshes for almost all armour in Floris so your female character or troops don't look exactly the same as the male ones, the armor fits better.

: I redid all the banners and Heraldic armours so your banner will not be dirty and smudged like in Native/Floris. Much cleaner.
:Also I change some Heros' appearances and equipment. They look so much better, at least in my opinion ;)
: Oh, and bows are now accurate for the player, some bows were set as low as 85 which men't your crosshair stayed massive. Now you can actually hit someone far off like with the crossbows. 

:Hey! After installing this mod you should also add the Better Distant Terrain file from this page as well, it fixes the distant terrain to match the ground and is just two texture files that you put in the Texture folder :) Not necessary with v4.0 and up!

: I've also made many many small improvements like making the horses bigger (because some were small as ponies, rather than full grown medieval horses!) remapping the AI mesh on many in-game areas so troops could navigate properly, FOOD comes in BIGGER quantity now you no longer have to buy it every two days with a big army, and i'll list more when I think of them, and I added the missing Scene objects from Native like the giant Rock and Suspension bridges so if you plan on editing the scenes you'll appreciate this :) 

: v4.5 Focused some of Editing Khergit and Sarranid Troops, new armour/weapons. I added 20-30 new items and added NEW MESHES for most of the double items I had ( Meshes I used on more than one weapon for the most part now have new unique looks) Fixed a problem with Sieging Yalen, and RESIZED A BUNCH of Helemts so they are no longer way to small or too big!! ****** This is one of my favorite updates ive done\
: OH AND NEW SKYBOXES - best night skyboxes I have yet to see, I did edit them drastically but for the better!

:To install this mod put the entire "Cadmus Floris Expansion" folder into your Modules Folder, after extracting as with every mod (step-by-step instuctions in the ReadMe).