Mount & Blade: Warband
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To install use winRar/.Winzip to extract the files (either to desktop, or directly to Modules folder, or as I recomend
create a new Temp Extract folder on desktop and extract the files there then copy and paste it into Modules folder. Should look like
Program Filesx(86) > Steam > SteamApps > Common > Mount and blade Warband > Modules
To use WinRar etc right click the compressed file ( all mods from Nexus are compressed) select Extract files then
select the location from the drop down list.

TO NOTE*** I recomend turning ON the ingame option > Realistic Shadows on Plants = FULL (it is under Video Settings), for some reason
in Floris when this is off at night the trees and plants glow as if they were in daylight!

***I Also have increased the battle size to 360 so if this is putting strain on your computer, to bring this back to normal values
simply go under ingame options and change battle Size, once you do this you will not be able to go past the default maximum
without manually increasing it (it is a very easy process) Go to Documents -> Mount and Blade Warband -> open rgl.config.txt
and find the line === battle_size = 2.7500 this is what I have it set to.

Please enjoy and comment if you have any questions or feedback.

Thanks, Cadmus

Here is a list of most of the new troops! I will list my new troops names, I will try to create the upgrade tree so you know who upgrades
from who in the near future. P.S > my merc troops wont show up in taverns, they all start as other mercenaries already in the game. I plan on
creating more Faction troops in the near future aswell, especially with all the new armours I've added.
*These are just the new troops, I've also edited many many of the original troops in Floris

Merc Sellsword
Merc Knight
Merc Charger
Elite Knight
Gothic Warmonger Knight
Merc Phalanx Guard
Female Merc Halberdier
Merc Captain
Merc Warkomtur
Merc Ranger
Gerulfingen Mercenary
Zweihander Mercenary
Merc Spanish Soldner
Spanish Conquistador

Merc Sharpshooter
Merc Archer Soldner
Merc Marksman Soldner
Merc Expert Archer
Expert Markswoman

Camp Defender > 1st Camp Wardeness, 2nd Shield Sister > 1st Shield Maiden, 2nd Axe Woman
Camp Wardeness
Shield Sister
Shield Maiden
Axe Woman

Sword Siren
Knightblade Siren

Dungeon Watchman
Dungeon Watchman
Dungeon Lord

Swadian Bannerlord
Swadian Warrior
Swadian Walord
Swadian Crossbow Ecuyer
Rhodok Hammer Troupe
Rhodok Knight
Rhodok Green Charger
Nord Vanguard
Vaegir Druzhinnik Glaz Champion
Vaegir Vaegir_Cheliad_Druzhinaik
Vaegir Druzhinnik Voevodi
Vaegir Knyaz Voevodi

Templar Squire
Templar Knight
Hospitaler Knight
Guildsman Page
Guildsman Squire
Guildsman Knight
Guildsman Charger
Guildsman Balista Soldier
Guildsman Siege Troop
Guildsman Siege Engineer

Upgraded all bandit warlords, they now have good gear especially for a bandit!

Samurai Ronin
Samurai Kenin
Samurai Yabusame
Khergit Yabusame