Hey everyone,

Hope you enjoy the first release. We are working towards fixing bugs, finishing the completed features in detail (ones that are listed in public only!) and trying to keep you updated as often as possible.

So, this is the first of videos that will come. Those who were following Vyrn in the past may find this video familiar, as we are using the code from that project to bring a truly devastating enemy to fight. You will encounter many different foes as you progress throughout the game, some new some native.

So - about AI. There are two types of AI in project at the moment, one we coded back in Vyrn and one is Oliveran's AI. We used VyrnAI for mostly in 1v1 situations as that AI was coded with that in mind - make your duels an experience to remember. So - enemies will actually block, feint, chamber, avoid, roll-forward and counter-strike you in a troop-specific based system. So, a looter will not fight as good as a lord will.

Oliveran's AI is mostly used in crowded battlegrounds such as any battle encounter, ambushes, sieges or raids when in Outlaw mode. As the main focus of that AI is to improve the pathfinding, positioning and teamwork.

Note: These AIs can be turned off in camp menu.

So - here is the showcase of the VyrnAI in-action, enjoy!

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