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Replaces Wrex's ME2 Warlord armour with his iconic red look from ME1 and ME3.

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In ME1, Wrex is typically depicted wearing Heavy Mercenary (red) armour, particularly on the squad selection screen and on Virmire. In ME2, BioWare elected to put Wrex in Warlord armour, to better reflect his new status as a Krogan clan chief. However, BioWare then reverted back to Wrex's iconic ME1 look for ME3, making his ME2 appearance (while totally fine) a bit of an anomaly.

If that anomaly irks you as it does me, this is the mod for you. This simple mod backports Wrex's LE3 armour to LE2, allowing for a consistent iconic Wrex appearance across the trilogy. Enjoy!

Compatibility patches for this mod are included in Easy Armor Stats (LE2) and LE2 Liara Squadmate

This mod contains fixes from the Unofficial LE2 Patch and is therefore fully compatible. Thank you to the LE2 patch team for their hard work!


Use the Mod Manager Download button, or drag the .7z into the ME3Tweaks Mod Manager and install.

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