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Armors for femshep in LE1, including a modified version of the Cerberus Spirit/Shade/Nightmare armor from LE3 which has a bulkier appearance and flatter chest. Current version of the mod replaces femshep's Iconic Onyx armor set in-game.

Permissions and credits

This DLC mod adds three sets of armor for femshep in LE1, replacing the Iconic Onyx Armor set. Currently the options are:

  • Modified Cerberus Spirit Armor, with three texture options: 
  • Vanilla Alliance Selection (Liara, Ashley, Brooks)
  • N7 Selection (N7 default, N7 Mercenary, and N7 Colossus) 
  • Spectre Selection
  • Vanilla Cerberus Spirit Armor - Vanilla Alliance Texture set 
  • Ashley's LE3 Armor - Ashley's and Liara's vanilla textures + my own black N7 retexture for this armor
  • Kaidan's Armor for Femshep 
  • Miranda's DLC Armor for Femshep (modified mesh)

Each set replaces light, medium, and heavy onyx armors for femshep. To get the most out of this mod I recommend using Iconic Fashion Party mod which you can use to alter Shepard's armor appearance to only use the Iconic Onyx armors (and optionally also only the heavy version), though it's not necessary for this mod to work.

Additionally this mod comes with a new helmet more fitting for these armors. 

Update 2.1 adds a modified version of Ashley's armor from LE3.


Use ME3Tweaks Mod Manager to install. Drag and drop the zip file to the manager and install (or import, then apply mod). Choose which armor set you want to use and install. 


in Mod Manager, choose "Manage Target" for LE1 and disable or delete the mod. 


  • Compatibility patches for  New Casuals for Femshep LE1 and Alliance Uniform Consistency mod are included as install options. Patches should apply automatically, so if you're using either mod (or both) install those first.
  • Compatible with Leather Jacket for Femshep LE1, it has a patch for this mod.
  • Not compatible with any other casual outfit mods, aside from the ones mentioned above. I can't make a compatibility patch for mods that mount higher than this on my end, but any modder who wants to make one for their mod has my permission.
  • Not compatible with mods that alter default femshep's head or hairmesh, as the main file of this mod is where she gets loaded in from and installing this mod will revert her appearance back to vanilla. Please contact me if a patch is needed. 

Known Issues
  • The new visor and breather will not match the old helmets.
  • I also did not replace the CC versions of the Iconic Onyx armors.
  • There are some texture compression issues with the white version of Kaidan's armor, which is unfortunately quite noticeable in bright lighting. 
  • Ashley's ME3 armor has been the bane of my existence ever since I started modding and for this mod I had to retopo the entire chest plate to get rid of the boob cups, so the design is still a WIP and I welcome constructive feedback on the shape (= not complains about the boob reduction, the original model is still an option in this mod :-) )
Future Plans

  • LE2 and LE3 versions are out. 

Credits & Special Thanks

for allowing me to make a compatibility patch for the Alliance Uniform Consistency mod.