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Changes weapons for certain Squad members to be more Gameplay and Lore accurate and fun.

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A DLC mod that changes weapons for certain squad members based on my interpretation of their gameplay abilities and lore.


Option 1: Regular Weapon and Special Weapon changes combined.

Option 2: Regular Weapon changes only.

Regular Weapons:

Jacob loses his Heavy Pistol and gains an Assault Rifle since he is an Alliance trained Marine.

Miranda loses her Heavy Pistol and gains a Sniper Rifle which I believe suits her perfectionist and calculating personality.

Mordin loses his Auto Pistol and gains a Shotgun which I believe directly correlates to his story of CQB fighting on Tuchanka.

Samara loses her Auto Pistol and gains a Heavy Pistol. The better to dispense justice with.

Special Weapons:

When you arrive on the Collector Ship you find 3 super guns. It only makes sense to use all 3.

If Shepard doesn't pick any (takes Bonus Feat instead) Jack will get the Claymore, Zaeed the Revenant, and Garrus the Widow.

If Shepard picks one of the super guns it will simply not be available for the above character.

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If you run across any bugs please include a list of what mods you are running.

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I would like to thank the entire ME3Tweak team and the Mass Effect Modding discord group for their help in the development of this mod.

Please check them out.