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Restores eyebrow and facial hair appearance in LE2

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This mod restores a missing texture that was causing sparse eyebrows and facial hair, making them more in-line with how LE1 and LE3 eyebrows look. This will affect ALL custom Shepard eyebrows and facial hair options, but not NPCs.

Includes an optional .mem file that ports Male Shepard's LE1 eyebrows, for full consistency. Femshep's eyebrow textures are already consistent.

The MAIN MOD is compatible with all eyebrow replacement textures. The OPTIONAL file conflicts with male Shepard eyebrow replacers!

The MAIN MOD is redundant if you have the Unofficial LE2 Patch installed.


Main Mod

Install with ME3Tweaks Mod Manager. Drag and drop the 7z file to Mod Manager, install (or import, then install).
The main mod must be installed BEFORE any texture mods, along with other content mods.

Optional File

Install with MassEffectModder. MEM can be launched from Mod Manager under the Tools menu. Under the Mass Effect 2 section, go to Mods Manager, then Mods Installer. Add the .mem files you want to the list, then install mods! 
This component must be installed AFTER content mods.



Main Mod

Uninstall with ME3Tweaks Mod Manager. Go to Manage Target, select Mass Effect 2: Legendary Edition from the dropdown, and on the "Installed DLC mods" tab you can disable or remove the mod from there.


ME3Tweaks team for Legendary Explorer and ME3Tweaks Mod Manager
Marcus22Khaar for making the startup file and making it work with the mod. Without your help this mod would remain impossible to release! Also thanks for testing
beccatoria for testing