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Adds new tank top outfits to casual appearance for both Female & Male Shepard. Includes optional additional casual outfits for FemShep. For MELE2 and MELE3.

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This mod adds a new tank top and fatigue pants casual appearance option to BOTH Female and Male Shepard appearances, and comes in TWO varieties.

Latest v. 1.2 (19 July 2021)
The outfit comes in two colors: one in N7 black, and one Spectre top and standard Alliance pants. These meshes and textures were made with a mixture of base game and custom created assets (please note, the neck seam will still be somewhat visible at certain angles). The default install for FemShep is designed to be compatible with my Buff FemShep mod (COMING SOON); there is an option to install the vanilla body, as well. Ported from my previous Buff FemShep Tank Top and Tank Top for Male Shepard mods for ME3, with remastered textures and fixed meshes.

  • Also included is the optional installation for another casual Tank Top & Scarf outfit FOR FEMSHEP ONLY. (This will add doubles of the other tank tops in the Male Shepard closet.) This combines Miranda's pants and boots with a tank top and a fashionable scarf, and comes in THREE colors: grey Spectre top with blue scarf, black N7 top with red scarf, and lace top with green. 

Latest v. 1.0 (20 July 2021)
The outfit comes in two styles: N7 BLACK and CERBERUS, with the pants from the Cerberus fatigues. New meshes and new looks to be consistent with ME2! Default installation uses the Buff FemShep body; there is an option for the Vanilla FemShep installation if preferred. Due to the neck seams, FShep is wearing a simple necklace accessory, while Male Shepard may still have a visible line at some angles (warning: this is very noticeable on Default Sheploo, due to texture errors that make it hard to match skin tone).
NOTE: IF YOU WANT TO USE THE ME3 VERSIONS IN LE2, they are included in the Expanded Shepard Armory (ESA) mod by Marcus22Khaar, so you can have all the options you want!

If you'd like to customize the top and are experienced at modding and installing your own textures, I've provided blank source files for all of the outfits!

Use ME3Tweaks Mod Manager. Open the manager app, and drag the .7z archive file (do not unzip) on to the interface to install or import. Hit Apply Mod.
  • LE3 INSTALL NOTES: The 2 tank tops for F&M Shepard will be installed by default; check the box to install the additional casual outfits. If you want to use the Vanilla (base game) FemShep body model, check the option to override the other install.
  • LE2 INSTALL NOTES: Tank tops for both Shepards are installed. Default FemShep will use the Buff body model; you can check the Vanilla option for a version with the original FShep body as a base.

Using Mod Manager, choose "Manage Target", select the mod and Delete or Disable.
BEFORE YOU UNINSTALL, make sure Shepard is wearing a different casual outfit in your save files, or else your game will crash if you try to resume play from those saves!

No known compatibility issues, as these add new outfits rather than replace anything, though these will take up the id codes 700-704 in the casual appearances section of the coalesced files for both LE2 and LE3.

Thanks to the ME3Tweaks community for providing modding tools, and the tutorials on how to import models/textures, clone outfits, and pack mods as DLC!