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Tank top and fatigues casual outfit for female Shepard, to go with the Buff FemShep mod. Replaces intro outfit. Comes in two colors. Requires Texmod.

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Tank top outfit for female Commander Shepard that works with my Buff FemShep Body Mod. This replaces the intro outfit, and will not conflict. The PCC file comes with the buff body mod; however, the underwear and injured models belong to different PCC files and must be installed separately. Includes a dirty transition for the Prologue scene. (Forgive the immersion breaking, but yes, she will already be wearing dogtags.) Available in black N7 and dark blue Spectre tops. Just pick a .TPF to run with Texmod, or install with TPF Tools in ME3 Explorer.

Requires Texmod and ME3 Explorer. .RAR includes PCC, MOD, and two TPFs to choose from.
PCC Installation:
1. Back up your original files! Using this mod will affect "BIOG_HMF_ARM_CTH_R.pcc".
2. Place the pcc in the CookedPCConsole folder of your game.
3. Open ME3Explorer, and Check PCConsoleTOC.bin. Apply changes.
4. Load the game with the selected texture through Texmod.

.MOD Installation:
1. Open ME3Explorer, go to Tools -> ModMaker.
2. Go to File -> Load Jobs. Locate your mod file.
3. When it's loaded, go to Run -> Run All. Wait for the install to complete and update the TOC.bin.
4. Load the game with the selected texture through Texmod.

Alternately, you can manually install this with ME3 Explorer using the optional resource files. This mod was designed for and has not been tested as a replacement for anything other than the intro outfit.

To uninstall, simply replace your original PCC and run the TOCbin updater.