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Adds a chance that Shepard's plot armor may fail in LE3. Includes a chance for a new ending in hard mode!

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Ever feel like Shepard had too much plot armor in Mass Effect 3? Well, now you can feel like they have too little by reducing it with this mod, which adds a random chance of death in multiple areas of the game where Shepard goes through a ridiculous over the top moment that seems like it could have killed them.

Note: You may have to wait through cutscenes due to the timing of autosaves when you die in them. The chances of failing a check are never above 50% and no single scene has multiple checks.

Hard mode
Hard mode is a setting that can be turned in the Mod Settings menu of the pause menu. This option turns a few additional additional plot armor checks at critical game moments, including a potential new ending that may occur in the final area of the game. It also changes the randomization chance from 'out of 100' to 'out of 80'. e.g. 25 out of 100 (25%) in normal mode would now be 25 out of 80 in hard mode, which is 31%.

Technical info
This mod is based on LE3 Patch & Framework 1.6.1 and replaces several files. This mod is mounted low so that it does not break other mods - all mod files are self contained and can be safely overridden. If you wish to make a patch please contact me as files can be automatically patched with the tool used to build this mod.

This mod requires the LE3 Community Patch & Framework. It cannot be installed without it.
You must use ME3Tweaks Mod Manager to install this mod. Drag and drop the archive onto the interface and either import and apply, or press install.

To remove this mod: click Manage Target -> Delete or Disable 'Reduced Plot Armor'.

This mod also modifies the basegame SFXGame.pcc, but can be safely left modified as the changes only fix a bug that my mod could trigger in the vanilla game, which other mods don't trigger.

How it was made

I made a blog post about how this mod was made, if you're interested in seeing the process.

  • Scottina123
  • Kinkojiro